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 By Chris Beeker Jr    News    August 1, 2017 

A Lifeline for the Lifeline

A lot of songs, movies, and television shows have been about the trucking industry. That is because, as Merle Haggard sang in his hit song “Movin’ On,” “the white line is the lifeline to the...

 By Chris Beeker Jr    News    June 1, 2017

It All Starts in the Home

In his State of the Union address in January 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared “an unconditional war on poverty in America.” Since that time, our nation has spent trillions of dollars...

 By Chris Beeker Jr    News    May 1, 2017

A Time Such as This

From April 19, 1943, to May 16, 1943, an event known as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was fought. In November 1940, when the invading German forces built a wall around a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland,...

 By Chris Beeker Jr    News    April 1, 2017


“Male and female he created them ….” (Genesis 5:2) With those six simple words the Bible gives us all the information we need regarding the genders God created. People are born either male or...

 By Chris Beeker Jr    News    March 1, 2017

Ready to Respond

April 3, 1974. April 27, 2011. Those are two dates that many of us in Alabama will never forget. On each of those days portions of Alabama were devastated by tornadoes. Lives were lost, people were...


Goodbye and Good Riddance Obama Godspeed President Trump

In the words of the old spiritual, "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we're free at last." Barack Obama is no longer president and Donald Trump is. As further proof that a leopard doesn't...



In boxing it is said, "To be the champ, you've got to beat the champ." In Alabama, coal is the champion of our natural resources. There is enough coal in our soil to produce electricity for hundreds...


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