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About Alabama Gazette

I would like to introduce you to our newspaper, The Alabama Gazette. It is published by Alabama Gazette Publishing LLC, a private, family-owned business. The Gazette began publication in October 2000. We are celebrating our 18th year of publication October, 2017.

The Alabama Gazette is a newspaper devoted to "the people". We are a free monthly publication with a print distribution of approximately 7,000 - 10,000 per issue. We have an estimated 15,000 - 20,000 print readership per month. Our records indicate that the one thing that sets us apart from other publications is that we rarely pick up even 1% of our papers when the next issue is delivered. Our readers are faithful. We are a "coffee table" newspaper. We also offer "home delivery" subscriptions. (Click here to subscribe.)

We are a unique, community-oriented newspaper, but also tackle current events and critical issues. We are proud to support our military and other law enforcement agencies, as well as community service organizations.

The majority of our content and photography is submitted by our prestigious staff of Alabama writers and roving reporters who dedicate their time to making this the best newspaper around. We certainly fill a gap left by other newspapers. We are indeed the "people's paper". We have very high standards and values as to what The Alabama Gazette publishes. We are here to uplift, encourage and be a catalyst for information to the people of Alabama. We are the "hometown" paper that people still enjoy reading! We hope we make you "THINK".

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Loretta Grant, Co-Owner, Managing Editor
Sam Adams, Co-Owner
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