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Sen. Beason Tries To Pass More Handgun Legislation

Here he goes again. Senator Scott Beason of Gardendale, is trying to pass legislation that would allow anybody to carry a handgun in a car without a permit. We went through this last year with the new gun bill that was a compromise by law enforcement, the Legislature, and the NRA. I don’t think that he knows the impact that this legislation will have on the safety of the public as well as law enforcement. I know that the members of the Legislature receive a copy of the “ Gazette” and I plead with you not to pass this legislation!

At present, a person who has been through a background check and has obtained a license to carry a pistol can carry his or her handgun in a vehicle without any legal problems. If a person does not want to obtain a license, he or she must lock the unloaded handgun in a secure container out of reach of anyone in the vehicle. At least this person has to get the gun out of the secure container and has time to cool off before deciding to use it in the case of road rage or when they have been involved in a vehicle crash and a heated argument ensues.

SB354 will amend the law passed last year to authorize a person to carry a pistol in his or her vehicle or on certain property without a concealed pistol permit; and will revise certain procedures related to the licensing process. Who knows what they mean by certain procedures related to the licensing process. It appears to me that they just want a Sheriff to issue a pistol permit to anybody who comes and asks for one. I believe that is just the type of mentality that Senator Beason has shown in the last few years. Just look at the failed immigration bill which had most of the provisions shot down in court. The idea was there but these folks in the Legislature need to at least pass bills that will pass Judicial review.

This is the same Senator Beason who was an informant for the F.B.I. and was wearing a wire recording targets of the F.B.I. According to “” Senator Beason, while the recording device was on, referred to Greene County African Americans as “aborigines.” Of course Senator Beason later apologized for his remarks. Who would say such a thing knowing that the conversation was being recorded? At this point it doesn’t matter because he has decided not to run for reelection. Thank God and Greyhound he is gone!

Let me say that most Legislators are good people who are trying to do what is right for the people of Alabama. There are just a handful like Beason who, in my opinion, appear to have a personal agenda. Just look at another bill that was considered that would expunge arrest records for certain people who were arrested. Well I believe that this bill is being considered because a legislator was arrested and the case was thrown out and he doesn’t want a record of his arrest showing up in his criminal history. Just another case of these people using the House and Senate for personal reasons. You would probably be surprised at the bills that are introduced for personal reasons. Some are introduced because lobbyist and special interest groups funnel money to their campaigns.

Some bills are introduced because they are good for Alabama and for no other reason. Senators and Legislators, please vote against this dangerous bill that is supported by Senator Beason. Well, I have vented my frustrations about the Legislature and after I retire, I will be able to get more involved in their affairs.


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