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Hubbard Tweets, Gaming the System, Failing as Christian Servants…

Upon receipt of very delayed primary election numbers from Clarion Hotel voting machines providing noticeably skewed tallies (two to one margins where other boxes in the district were close) Speaker Hubbard tweeted, “I am deeply grateful that the GOP voters of my district have put their faith in me once again.” Shortly thereafter, one of my most astute colleagues (James Hines from Mobile) sent me the following, “Are a majority of Republicans in Auburn really that stupid? ...or does Hubbard actually spread his graft that broadly?”

Now we know this result was not necessarily proffered by a majority of Republicans, furthermore Speaker Hubbard is a master at ‘gaming the system’ he played an integral role in establishing. Poor voter turnout in Lee County at16% (the State-wide result was over a third higher) suggests the majority of Republicans were not the problem; the corporate welfare advocates/big govt. conservative Republican minions are the ones who showed to keep the graft churning. This is the problem - i.e., answer to the second part of Mr. Hines’ query is Speaker Hubbard doesn’t have to spread the graft broadly; he’s gerrymandered his district for his self-serving/private interest purposes which motivates his avaricious minions to provide the observed result. Hubbard is outstanding at picking voters for himself and his cronies. Furthermore, the Hubbard/Riley machine learned from the 2002 gubernatorial result and 2003 failed Amendment One tax explosion attempt in high turnout/more inclusive elections. It is difficult for big govt. Republocrats to win in a general election with broader voter turnout/sampling of the population to get the wealth transfers redistributive extremists desire.

The Montgomery AP reported the 22% State-wide turnout was well below the 2010 primary 32% turnout when both political parties had very active races to determine gubernatorial candidates unlike the recent Bentley and Griffith results. 22% was also well below Secretary of State Jim Bennett’s predicted turnout of 25 to 27 percent who also predicts a paltry 5% turnout for the July 15th runoff. Further evidence Alabama taxpayers have no reason to waste time, money and effort on primaries the parties could determine/fund on their own dime instead of yet another money mill for party bosses like Mr. Hubbard to exploit. Can anyone honestly say the July15th outcomes will provide any better representation upon receiving the majority of a 5% turnout? What an embarrassment to our State, but it sure makes gaming the system easy for the big govt. Republocrats extracting wealth transfers from our productive members of society. Speaker Hubbard’s prowess at ‘gaming the system’ became legendary after amending our State constitution with a yes vote from only 14% of eligible voters to rob our trust fund and redistribute to his cronies wasting $3 million on a special election weeks before a general election where his political theft would fail again.

Some in Lee County also noted the ‘Hubbard gaming show’ in action bombing the Circuit Court with motions to stall the May 20th decision on the corruption investigation less than two weeks before the primary election. It would have been difficult for Mr. Hubbard to overcome the facts as his usual banter of being hated for his ‘conservatism’ is increasingly considered a joke by small govt. voters who know how the Hubbard/Marsh/Riley crony contract machine works. The stall worked perfectly to postpone the decision to after the primary. Days after the delayed Clarion Hotel primary election results were delivered, Mr. Britt (Alabama Political Reporter) reported Judge Jacob Walker ruled in favour of the State in the Barry Moore case where documents reveal Speaker Hubbard is under criminal investigation in the ruling against Moore’s request to dismiss the felony case. Judge Walker also found acting Attorney General Van Davis (along with Matt Hart and William Duffy) have authority to conduct the Grand Jury investigation. Mr. Britt asserts the most revealing text in the decision is Speaker Hubbard as the central figure in the Lee County investigation and noted, “Hubbard and his white collar defense attorney J.Mark White have constantly denied or spun any hint that Hubbard was the key figure in the investigation. Now, the actual letter granting Davis his powers show that Hubbard, has been the subject of the investigation all along.”

For those who do not know, Jacob Walker is a righteous jurist who can not be bought and follows the law very well so it is difficult to reverse his decisions. It was clear when the attorneys were stalling and made us (me and my bride) homeless for almost a year, Judge Walker did not take kindly to their obvious and vulgar tactic. His decision was so well done it survived three motions for summary judgment where Myron Thompson had to wrongfully pluck it from the federal judge who kept ruling correctly to block our 5th Amendment civil rights in Alabama. Judge Walker has stood up to Hubbard crony Bobby Lowder when this ‘public servant’ was trying to further take from our students and taxpayers - Mr. Boulevard learned from a pro! I’ve observed Judge Walker justly dispose of arsonists, thieves and even have the courage to over-ride juries who do not have the courage to correctly apply the death penalty when just. In short, the Hubbard, et al political thieves have much to worry about in Jacob Walker’s court - he has the courage to discipline Mr. Hubbard when the gerrymandered, gamed result is no longer working to remove corruption in Lee County.

It is also worthy of note to illustrate how the Hubbard machine was working overtime when the chief law enforcement officer of Lee County (Jay Jones) appeared in an ad blathering, “I believe in Mike Hubbard” among other minions. Readers of my column know how revealing I find individuals (esp. those who worship governments as their god) who espouse belief in others like Mr. Boulevard who name their children after political hacks shamelessly used in political ads. Perhaps as an orthodox Christian I take my namesake too seriously. More to the point it is completely inappropriate for Sheriff Jones to come out in a political ad publically supporting someone under ACTIVE investigation by a grand jury in the county where he is the presiding chief executive law enforcement officer. At the time, lowly citizens like myself could not definitively claim Jones was shilling for someone under investigation, NOW we can. Let me be among the first to publically request Mr. Jones resign (and likely receive a bloated public servant’s retirement) and apologize to Lee County. I’d suggest in return for a plea bargain immunizing against future ethics investigation into the matter, but there’s little probability of such action as the Hubbard/Riley ethics reform was for incumbency protection and Sheriff Jones was clearly operating toward that end. As for the ever important element of timing, resign NOW so we may get names on the November general election ballot without wasting money on special elections or getting the political machine to install a replacement.

Many have asked me to quickly explain what the corruption investigation is all about. The best, quickest read to illustrate is the Buddy Mitchell affidavit stating how Mr. Hubbard used his connections to tailor Auburn University contracts over those trying to honestly compete. This one episode alone bilked Auburn students and taxpayers out of $4million according to the Alabama Political Reporter, telling of a tearful Mike Hubbard pleading he will lose his business and home if has to compete. In contrast, Mr. Hubbard never shed one tear when he, Congressman Riley, et al did nothing as their crony contracts made me and my bride homeless from the house we held legal title to and paying taxes on so others could live in our home. Politicians like ‘Spender of House’ Hubbard can’t understand how honest people can make ends meet to own their home outright, live within their means, not use their friends and family to lie and shill for them - esp. with all the taxes and crushing programs he’s imposed upon our State.

I like to close with matters of the Spirit which are of the greatest import. Mr. Hubbard has continued to show himself a small man in mind, body and spirit. The sincerely sad thing is Mike was in a position where he could have done great things and his memory would be eternal though the name of Jesus Christ instead of names on airports, buildings, roads and other man-made Nimrodian trappings. This is what he worships, names and uses his prodigy to obtain, etc. – it is the usual result of avarice run amok in those who cannot control themselves. On June 3rd at the Clarion Hotel parking lot Messrs Hubbard and Riley (giddy in their ability to game the system; as if it were a matter of skill instead of lack of Spirit) allegedly asked a Toomer volunteer, “How do you like supporting a loser?” Although a volunteer who spent some time at the parking lot that day, obviously it wasn’t me as I don’t think either has the courage to ask someone they know can/will respond to their childish, impish hubris… it kills the buzz. Nonetheless, I’d like to finish with providing an answer, whether or not it was indeed asked.

I did not find it fun to support Mr. Toomer, but my duty as a citizen of my State and servant of God. While individuals of Mr. Hubbard’s intellect and integrity seem to think elections and bank accounts are the ultimate judge, I was baptized and taught by parents who did not name me after a politician but John the theologian. I was taught the only hero of substance in my life should be Jesus Christ, not the Cam Newtons, Ronald Reagans or other flawed men of this world. However poorly I’ve lived up to my namesake I want to go to my ultimate judgment not being one of those referred to in Mr. Hubbard’s tweet who shown faith in a corrupt politician that day. I want to be enumerated among those who supported a righteous man like Sandy Toomer struggling to follow Christ’s path, not in pursuit of redistributed wealth in their favor drunk with power from a gamed system to sustain their avarice. This is where we fail as Christian servants. I don’t know if saying I didn’t participate because it was impossible to beat the corrupt, gerrymandered, gamed system will suffice. A precious few supported efforts against the corruption of Annas, Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, et al - so we must do the same, however small in comparison. This is were I pray for God’s mercy in the end as I pray for Judge Walker’s continued courage and wisdom to discipline this lost soul where the voters couldn’t/didn’t. Furthermore, it is our Christian duty to Mr. Hubbard in hopes that he may be sufficiently rebuked and shepherd Mike to follow the path of the penitent thief before it is too late… for someone who has shown such great acumen with respect to the importance timing.

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” - Thomas Pai


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