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Cast & Blast: It's prime time to hook some fish...

Our great state of Alabama is loaded with all types of hunting and fishing opportunities that we all can truly appreciate. Right now we have turkey season in full swing with birds strutting and gobbling and the action is wide open. There is no doubt this is my favorite time of the year when it comes to the hunting action. There is one downside to being a dedicated turkey hunter - you miss the best time to wet a hook. Alabama has water in every direction that you can travel. Lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks, and even the mighty Gulf of Mexico for the salt-water action. This time of year is when the turkeys gobble, the flowers bloom, the grass starts to green and the fish start to bite.

In the lakes you have the crappie beginning to bite, the bass are heading to bed and the stripes are beginning to run. Everybody's metabolism is beginning to increase and the bite gets far better.

It's definitely time to wet a hook.

The ponds are seeing the bass and bream starting to head to bed as the water temperature begins to increase. The full moon has an effect on these fish, especially the bream as they structure their bedding behavior with the lunar table. All good pond anglers know that the best time to wet your hook for bluegill would be during the full moon.

If you are looking for big catfish, look no farther than the river and creeks of Alabama, as they are full of several different varieties of old Mr. Whiskers. Whether in a boat in the middle of the Alabama or sitting on the banks of the Catoma, there are several different types of cats that you can lure to the hook.

My favorite type of fishing is going to private ponds to fish plastic worms from the banks of the pond. I really do enjoy spending an afternoon walking and casting trying to hook a lunker bass in some of the ponds I have permission to fish.

The great thing about fishing is that it appeals to all walks of life, no matter what age or what gender, all of us love to get outside and fish. Fishing is like many other activities - you can spend a little or a lot, but no matter what your budget, everyone has the opportunity to get out and fish.

What a great way to get in the outdoors and introduce you family to Mother Nature - take them to wet a hook. My wife, Renee, even loves to take advantage of a beautiful day and go wet a hook. There is nothing like loading up the family and spending a day at the pond or lake and catching a mess of fish, and it makes for a great meal that night.

If you get a chance introduce someone to the outdoors and let them live the dream of being in the outdoors, whether it be hunting or fishing, let's keep our sport growing and pass on the love that we have for the Alabama outdoors.


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