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On April 9th, we recognized two officers, Lt. Thomas LeSage, from the Detention Facility and Cpl. John Shepherd, from our Patrol Division here at our agency for Exchange Club Officers of the Year.

On October 4th, 2014, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Dispatch received a 911 call from a resident of Montgomery County reporting robbery that had just occurred at her residence. The victim stated that the offender identified himself as a Law Enforcement Officer and requested to come inside to speak with the victim. Once inside the residence, the offender assaulted the victim and forced her to open the family's safe, taking nearly $200,000.00 in cash, jewelry, coins, and gold. After the offender departed the residence, the victim was able call 911 and provided a general description of the suspect and the vehicle he was driving to MCSO Dispatchers. Dispatch alerted all units in the area and Corporal John Shepherd along with other Deputies responded to the area looking for the suspect's vehicle. Corporal Shepherd observed a vehicle with a similar description north bound on Pike Road and activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to stop the suspect vehicle. The vehicle accelerated and a pursuit ensued leading Corporal Shepherd north on Pike Road to Highway 80 East. Corporal Shepherd was joined in the pursuit by additional Officers and continued with the pursuit for several miles until the Suspect proceeded into an area that the Patrol Vehicles could not go into and eluded capture.

However, during the Pursuit, Corporal Shepherd was able to provide key information to Dispatchers that later led to the identity of the suspect who had fled to Tennessee and was apprehended later in the week. Corporal Shepherd did an excellent job of pursuing the vehicle and providing information during the pursuit that led to the apprehension of multiple persons who have been charged with multiple felonies. The citizens of Montgomery County are safer today due to the dedication and professionalism of Corporal Shepherd.

Lt. Thomas LeSage has been a dedicated employed with the Detention Facility for over 26 years. He currently works as a recruiter for new employment opportunities. He always displays professionalism in any aspect of his job. He also serves as an IT liaison displaying a vast knowledge of computers, telephones and the commissary, in general. It is through his knowledge that the day-to-day operations in the Detention Facility operate seamlessly and efficiently and for this Lt. LeSage received Detention Officer of the Year.


Deputy Dave Day is almost here! Bring your children out to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office annual Deputy Dave Day on Saturday, May 2nd at Dunbar-Ramer School from 10am-2pm. There will be various activities for the children including inflatables, rides and free food so come out and meet and greet with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office official mascot, Deputy Dave as well as the Sheriff's Office staff! There will be lots of things to do and fun to be had by all!!

Physical Address:

56 Naftel Ramer Road, Ramer, AL 36069

For more information, call 832-1646.

We hope to see you there!


Think your teen may be "experimenting" with drugs, alcohol or tobacco? It's best to solve problems before they occur or get much worse. Unfortunately, "friends" often try harder to make kids who say "no" to drugs, alcohol and tobacco feel like outcasts. Home testing kits have emerged that protect privacy and provide kids with a socially acceptable excuse, "My parents test me." For years, police have been the first to know when local kids used drugs while their parents were often the last to know. Now there is a way to REVERSE that trend!

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office recently announced a new alliance with, an organization that has donated free home drug test kit vouchers to be shared anonymously with parents who need them.

Go to our website and click "Public Interest", then click "TEST MY TEEN" and follow the's that simple!


Attention Montgomery County Citizens and Neighborhood Watch Associations: If you are interested in having our agency come out and do a crime prevention home survey as well as give helpful information to help you ensure your home and personal property are secure, please email my Administrative Assistant, Christie Vázquez, at: or contact my office at 832.1646. Your safety and well-being is just as important to us and it is to you and your family! Don't or email today!


*Special Note* We are in the process of constructing a new website and hope that you all will check this website periodically for helpful information and events taking place in the community and as always thank you for your continued support of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office!!


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