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Counting down the Days, Hours, and Minutes till the start of GUN SEASON!

As I type up this article, we're counting down the days, hours, and minutes till the start of gun season! With bow and muzzleloader seasons underway, there's already been plenty of action for the avid outdoorsman, and the best part is still yet to come!

I've had a few folks hunting with me during muzzleloader season, and they're seeing deer everywhere! Average field count is almost 40 deer a hunt! Between the cold weather, the lack of pressure, and a great crop of acorns this year, we should have another fantastic year out in the field.

So do you have all of your equipment ready to roll out? There's still time to check out all of your basics, like hunter's orange, sighting in your rifle and having a few bullets, good, warm clothing, and a little good luck to go with all of that! Make sure you've got a game plan; do you know which stand or stands you want to hunt in, or what plots you'll be over? Is there going to be anybody else nearby? Make sure to get your head in the game early, so you'll have less to worry about in the field.

And speaking of the field, make sure you've got your hunting license and harvest record with you! And while you're at it, take along the Game Check app on your smartphone, and help out with the state's field studies! No, it's not required, but every bit of harvest data we send in helps our wildlife biologists, as well as our lawmakers, to ensure that we can maintain a healthy population of deer for future generations. So that's definitely something we should all add to the checklist!

Those same future generations can get a great head start out here, with a little help from all of us seasoned veterans. Not only do we get to share our great passion and tradition that comes with the outdoors, but we also get our kids up and out of the house. In today's world of computers and technology, more and more children are inside, pent up and not getting enough work or exercise. This can contribute to early onset diabetes, which can have disastrous results. One easy way to help is to get kids active and involved with the outdoors, and deer season is one of the best opportunities for it! With all the walking and stalking we do on a good day's hunt, everyone gets a fair bit of exercise, which might just be the spark to start something even greater.

So, get your gear, your gun, and your friends and family together, and get ready for a season to remember! And if you're looking for me, I'll be right out there with all of you! Good hunting!


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