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A Christmas Gift for Gazette Readers

Almost everybody is familiar with the song, “My Favorite Things,” that Julie Andrews sang in the movie, “The Sound of Music.” Here is a new version with a special lyric to fit these troubled times when one of our most precious assets, individual liberty, is being gravely compromised by various forms of corruption. One of the greatest treasures anyone can bestow is to do whatever he can to protect it.

The protection of our liberty is dependent primarily on one thing—limiting the size and power of our federal, state and local governments. That is the song’s message. We must eliminate all unconstitutional and excess government programs and abuses. Every American citizen must understand it.

All Gazette readers and all other interested parties are welcome to use this song to illustrate our plight and inspire others to take action to find a remedy. Get out your guitars, pianos, organs, flutes, horns—whatever you can play, or use a karaoke version. Perform it whenever and wherever you can find a suitable audience—from a few friends to a crowd at a rally. Sing it when you go caroling. Perform it on some radio stations. Make recordings of it and upload them onto YouTube. Make CD’s to give out and/or sell. If you can make any money doing this, it is yours to keep.


Runaway deficit, we can’t afford it; Dump everybody who votes to support it

Balance the budget and cut out the waste; When this is done, oh how sweet it will taste

Repeal Obamacare this very minute; Save us from all the oppression that’s in it

Stamp out the regulatory regime; Don’t let it spoil the American dream

Tea party activists rising to face it; Working to throw out the fools who embrace it

Dumping the traitors and clipping their wings; These are a few of my favorite things

When they rob me, when they rule me; When they gouge me bad

I have to remember my favorite things; So I won’t go ra-a-a-a-a-ving mad

Big spending liberals, we must defeat them; Fiscal conservatives have to unseat them

Lower our taxes and spending today; Keep Constitutional limits in play

Corporate welfare, we have to deny it; Keep economic development private

Do everything to keep government small; Keep individual rights for us all

Foreign entanglements, we must avoid them; Safeguard our freedoms so we can enjoy them

Downsize the government; keep it in check; Limit its power and we will be blessed

When a dog bites, when a bee stings; I don’t worry much

But when we get government under control; I’ll know that the Lo-o-o-o-rd’s in touch


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