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Ten years ago, on March 21, 2006, the CEO of Twitter sent out his first tweet. It’s appropriate, with spring coming, that the famous CEO was chirping in a format that the world now embraces as a vital form of interactive communication. Similarly, Social Security is no stranger to social media.

Updated regularly, Social Security Matters is our blog. It’s our hub for Social Security news, like new features to my Social Security, changes in policy, retirement planning, and benefit information. The blog allows us to address issues in a longer format than a tweet or typical social media post. Check out Social Security Matters at: and select “Get blog updates” if you want to stay informed.

Social Security uses social media just like you might. At we share information, post programmatic changes, and things you need to know. You can follow us and get regular updates on your computer or smartphone through Facebook. While you’re at it, go and “like” a few posts or “share” them with friends and loved ones.

Even though there’s a lot to say when it comes to retirement benefits and Medicare or disability, Social Security is great at condensing messages down to 140 characters. Our Twitter account is a valuable resource for news and updates. You can follow what we’re up to and even engage us at

Is all this on-screen reading making your eyes tired? Well, you can visit our YouTube page for fun and informative videos. In the past, we’ve had celebrities appear in our public service announcements. And you can see a few feline stars in some of our most popular videos. Visit: to start watching.

Remember, you can always share our social media pages with friends and family. They will be grateful to know about the many online services we provide. Feel free to send us a tweet and connect with Social Security!


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