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Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Park

It is very exciting times in the City of Wetumpka. Things did not happen overnight. It took years of planning and working a plan to get into the development stage we have been in the last few years. It's a proven fact that with patience, stability and perseverance you will have successful opportunities come your way. We have enjoyed since 2000, by purchase, 109 acres of property on 14 bypass that joined 45 acres the City had owned for many years. With the acquisition of 25 more acres, we now have 179 acres that at its full potential will be a full sports related complex. What a blessing for a City of our size. It hasn't always been easy to pull people together for the common purpose of providing activities for our children, young adults, and adults. To have just finished and now enjoying the baseball and softball campus that will be connected to a youth football field, soccer field, youth fishing ponds, a major archery course and upgrades to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural properties is a blessing to this community and will play a major role in the future of Wetumpka.

As we move forward in our developments, we realize one completed project opens doors for other developments. We are now in construction of a Hampton Inn in the downtown area backing up to our Riverwalk, which will eventually extend all the way to the Sports Complex. We do realize this hotel will open more doors for more restaurants and food establishments to meet the needs of the people. Our downtown redevelopment will soon be entering the 2nd phase which will consist of all new sidewalks, street designs and street paving for the downtown area. The designs were determined through numerous public meetings and charrettes to help formulate a plan. Again, we are now working the plan. This will also open the doors for new business downtown and upgrades to existing buildings to help us as we all prepare Wetumpka for the future. These are just a few of the exciting things happening in Wetumpka. So again, I remind you, make a plan then work your plan.


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