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"Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary"

This month, Brian & I will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Without a doubt, there is no one on the planet I would rather go through life’s ups, downs & round abouts with.

“I have found the one whom my soul loves”, Song of Solomon 3:4.

As Brian builds his life around Christ, he is naturally a reflection of Christ in the way he treats me. And as I build my life around Christ, I learn to love my husband as God has called me to love him. That is what makes a marriage gain more and more beauty as the years go by.

A wise person once said, “Marriage can either be a taste of heaven on earth, or a taste of hell on earth, depending on where you place the Cross.” Selfishness will destroy the beauty of a marriage faster than anything else. But coming to the cross and getting self out of the way, sets the stage for a romance that can truly stand the test of time!

As our 8th anniversary approaches, I am filled with gratitude and amazement at the beauty of God’s ways. Brian and I are expecting our next year together to be even better than the years we have had thus far, because we know the place that Christ has in our marriage. Just like the water that Jesus turned into wine at the wedding celebration…the best is always saved for last when He is the Guest of honor.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite…Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary, Brian!! I love you!

Many Blessings!


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