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As the summer winds down and we all prepare for school to begin, I can’t help but wonder how time goes by so fast. I remember just writing about the Christmas events in Wetumpka and now, here we are reflecting on the events of the summer. The intense heat didn’t damper any of our events and we once again brought thousands of people to Wetumpka. The 4th of July was fun for the entire family with the band Wishbone’s performance to the activities for the children. A few weeks later, we hosted Wetumpka’s River and Blues Festival. What a fun event that was to attend! Two stages with continuous bands, a fine arts show and plenty of children’s activities left little to be desired. If you missed Rockin Dopsie and the Zydeco Twisters, you missed a treat. The energy and enthusiasm this group exuberates is unbelievable. The River and Blues committee and the many volunteers did an outstanding job with this event and I thank them for putting their time and energy into this community. It’s a community effort entirely and is a testament to Wetumpka’s unified spirit and our ability to all work together for a common goal.


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