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For many years, I have wondered about the procedures employers use to select applicants who apply for jobs. The first qualifications that come to mind are education and experience—presumably the more of each, the better. From my observations, employers like to see resumes that have a complete list of previous employment, with exact dates and other trivia, with no gaps, going all the way back to high school or earlier. Other qualifications, like talent,

honesty, dependability, health, and other attributes seem to go onto the back burner if they are even considered at all. As a result, I have seen many examples of incompetent klutzes receiving multiple offers for well-paying positions while other highly skilled, dependable people spend months or even years to land positions of any kind—just because they are too honest to lie or embellish their resumes to cover all the gaps.

The question is why don’t employers try hiring some people based on their talent and ability, on a trial basis if necessary, to see what they can do. They would have far better odds in getting employees that will help their companies grow and prosper.

So what does that have to do with ordinary people who do not own or run businesses? Everything! Every grown person has the authority to hire people—the most important employees we would ever hire—our public representatives, from the President down to the lowliest city councilman. But sadly, many people don’t seem to have a clue on how to judge the candidates.

The election of 2008 was one of our most catastrophic national disasters. For President, the Republicans rejected Ron Paul, one of our greatest national heroes with a near perfect lifetime record that dates back to the 1970’s. Another fine candidate, Herman Cain, was also cast aside. Instead, they nominated one of their weakest members—John McCain. The Democrats did far worse, nominating a hard-core Muslim socialist who was raised in Indonesia. In the general election, the American people snookered themselves by electing this man who has been waging a jihad against American principles and free enterprise for the past seven and a half years and enough socialists in both houses to provide a filibuster-proof majority in the years 2009-2010. The result has been volumes of radical, unconstitutional legislation that must be repealed before an economic collapse destroys us all.

In this year’s primary (2016), most of us have still done a deplorable job of making our selections. The Republicans turned down their finest Presidential contenders, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz—both with nearly perfect voting records in the Senate. The Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton, the second most dangerous person to ever run for the office (behind Barack Obama).

Long before one steps into a voting booth, he should carefully study all of the candidates. First he should understand that a lot of experience (or “seniority” as it is often called) is not necessarily a good thing. In many cases, it is a negative. A crooked candidate with experience can and probably will steal a great deal more of our revenue than an equally crooked one with none. That’s why we have term limits for some offices and proposals for the same for additional ones. Therefore, experienced candidates with high name recognition, high campaign contributions and lots of advertising should be avoided unless they have strong records of fiscal restraint and upholding Constitutional principles. In our area, a good example was the highly principled Becky Gerritson vs. the experienced but unrestrained incumbent Martha Roby (U. S. Congress, district 2).

Learn how to research the internet. The New American and Freedomworks can provide voting records for Congressmen and Senators. can provide additional information on these and others. The scores are given as percentages of a perfect score of 100. Grading them is easy, just like in school—90+ = A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, and below 60 is a failure. Look at the scores. The majority of our Congressmen and Senators are failures, and that includes all of the Democrats.

Study the candidates’ web sites. How do they stand on important issues? Check their voting records and their ideologies. Have they done, or do they plan any actions that jeopardize our individual liberty and laissez-faire economics? Or will they work hard to limit the power of government, eliminate needless programs and projects, and do everything they can to reduce spending, taxes and regulations?

For this year, much of this research is now a moot point. Most of the best candidates have been eliminated in the primary. All we have left is the general election, where many of our choices will be the lesser of two evils. The good news is that making these choices will be easy, since the greater evil is nearly always a Democrat. So VOTE REPUBLICAN or a THIRD PARTY (Libertarian or Constitution).

I have never been able to understand how so many people, including college graduates and those with high IQs, cannot comprehend one of the most fundamental principles of economics—that taxing (stealing) money from the productive people of society and handing it over to criminals, illegal immigrants, deadbeats, freeloaders, and reckless child-bearers is not going to produce anything except additional criminals, illegal immigrants, deadbeats, freeloaders and reckless child-bearers. These can some day outnumber, out vote and overthrow our great nation. Don’t let this catastrophe happen.

Vote wisely!


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