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It was a Season for Giving! $1,000

These letters represent individuals from the River Region and beyond.

“My parents just celebrated 55 years of marriage on November 25th. They are the sweetest example of love, marriage and family there is. Their home is warm and inviting to all family members and their selfless giving is without end. Please present this precious couple the gift so they can go out for a lovely Christmas dinner!”

“I am a widow, age 75. My friend surprised me last summer with picking, snapping and canning 12 pints of home grown snap beans!! She is a very rare, faithful and true friend and deserves to win.”

“She is very deserving as she cared for her mother who lived to be in her 90’s. She also raided her sister’s son and daughter for many years when her sister was ill. She has now been diagnosed with Lukemia and lost the use of her car which she used to go to treatments. Thank you for sharing at Christmas time.”

“This nomination is to share my wife’s life story with you. I’ve witnessed this Proverbs 31 woman in action for the past 33 years of our marriage. I served my country overseas and abroad. She never complained just encouraged; she never quit; just prayed, counseled, instruct and gave of herself. She consistently demonstrates faithfulness unto the Lord by reflecting his unconditional love. In my worst of times she’s been there unwavering and consistent.”

This poem sums up how I feel about my bride of 33 years.

If a task once begun

Never leave it until it’s done

Be the labor great of small

Do it well or not at all

“She took me into her home along with my Grandma and made us part of her family. She helps me study for tests and buys me clothes all the time. If my Grandma can’t get gas to take me to school, she let’s us use her car. I love her so much.”

“I lived in her house most of the time, the Superwoman under my roof. She did not wear a red cape, or black boots. Instead, she wore a red handkerchief tied around her head, and a brown leather belt around her waist. It held her skirt up and held the power of motivation; I never forgot it was there. My Aunt, I always suspected was Superwoman because she fit the description. As for speed, she always did things fast. As for strength, she could carry a dishpan on her head filled with okra and tomatoes and a bucket under her arm at the same time. My Aunt is a Christian lady and she lives everyday by the golden rule.”

“It would be nice to wake up just once at Christmas and see a tree up and presents under the tree. But it will not be this year. My mom doesn’t have a car because she can’t afford one so she walks every place she goes. She would ride the bus if she could afford it. I am so thankful for my mom, she is the best.”

“She is a single mom; she has a daughter that is 5 years old and a son who is one year old. She is truly amazing; she goes out of her way to make sure her children have what they need.”

“He’s been down with his health and welfare, could use the $100.00 financial assistance if anyway possible. I hope you would think about him in his time of need.”

“This very special person who happens to be a tow truck driver did not have to stop in the rain & fog to help complete strangers, but his kindness and compassion led him to do so. He actually had a cast on his arm where a driver had clipped him with the side mirror of their car while he was helping someone else. I think he is very deserving of receiving the $100 cash for Christmas, as I know he did not and is not expecting anything in return.”


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