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Healing America's Wounds

At last, the reign of the Great Traitor is coming to an end. And his hoped for successor, the Hildabeast, is also passing into the pages of history, squelching his dream of becoming a corrupt Supreme Court Justice. Right now, they are both whining about voter fraud and accusing the Russians of rigging the election.

Nevertheless, much damage has been done during these past eight years, especially during 2009 and 2010, when this despot had a filibuster-proof majority in both houses.

The task of rebuilding America will not be an easy one. Horrendous acts of treason must be corrected to the best of our abilities. Donald Trump, although not perfect by a long shot, does have some plans to place America’s train wreck back onto the track of recovery.

OBAMACARE: Job number one is the repeal of the catastrophic imposition of the “Affordable Care Act,” better known as Obamacare. It begins with the repeal of the mandates, taxes and penalties and continues on to stopping the hemorrhage of our money into medical black holes. Trump hopes to replace the entire boondoggle with a free-market plan that is fair for every American.

WARMONGERING: The next priority is ending the un-Godly carnage and destruction taking place in the Middle East with our needless meddling into other nations’ civil wars. Our troops, equipment, and materiel must all be shipped out and brought back home ASAP. By now, everybody must understand that our presence over there has done far more harm than good, and that attempting to police the world is both futile and foolish. Fortunately, unlike Hillary, the Donald is on good terms with Vladimir Putin and is not about to get us entangled into more war.

IMMIGRATION: Reckless immigration must be stopped. In earlier times, people came to this country to seek opportunity and freedom, and become like us. Today, many come to draw benefits and impose extremist cultures onto us, thanks to Obama’s upside down immigration policies. He has opened the doors wide, provided sanctuary cities, and offered speedy citizenship to multitudes of destructive people claiming to be refugees from war-torn barbaric caliphates and millions of destitute reckless child bearers who come to drain our public assistance programs while erecting extreme hurdles in front of fine Christian applicants like Nick Adams (Citizenship took him 4.5 years and cost him almost $50,000. ). All other civilized nations on our planet place strict limits on what kind and how many immigrants they can accept. We must reverse our current policies and do likewise. Instead of building a useless and expensive wall, the “anchor baby” problem must be stopped with a Constitutional amendment, and attractive incentives must be shut down. Large numbers of riffraff can literally destroy our nation with nothing more than their votes.

REGULATIONS: Overbearing regulations and mandates must be stopped and repealed. Agencies like the EPA, OSHA, DEA, TSA, ATF, HHS, Homeland Security, and many others must be drastically rolled back to minimum common sense levels so American ingenuity and free enterprise can once again build our economy up to the level it was in the 1950’s—a prosperous, peaceful, crime-free decade that people can only dream about today.

DEBT: Reckless spending and indebtedness must be turned around.

Funding for many programs and agencies must be cut back severely. Socialistic programs must be minimized, or better yet, eliminated. Public assistance consumes a huge and unnecessary portion of our budget, but instead of helping people become independent and productive, it only lulls them into dependency and enslavement on the government plantation. Private charities and churches are far more efficient and effective in sorting out the truly needy and providing the help they need.

The bottom line for America’s recovery is minimizing the burden of government—getting it out of the way and out of our pockets—less taxing, less spending, fewer and smaller programs, less meddling (both here and abroad), minimal regulation, and minimal government-run health care, education, insurance, housing, food, and anything else that can be provided far better and at a lower cost with good old laissez-faire free-market economics.


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