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Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon Ready for Business

Alabama Legislature Regular Session 2017

Vital issues for our 2017 Alabama Legislature

House Convenes: 2/07/2017 ~ 12:00 noon

Senate Convenes: 02/07/2017

Budget Crisis top priority!

The budgets will be the biggest problem facing lawmakers this session.

House members remain largely opposed to tax increases.

It is expected that the ongoing struggle on gambling legislation will be prominent again this session.

Gov. Bentley has indicated he will propose a plan similar to his plan last year to borrow $800 million to build four new prisons.

House to seriously consider an increase in the gasoline tax.

Finding ways to fund Alabama's infrastructure, roads and bridges.

Increases in the cost of health insurance for education employees and state employees.

Medicaid again will be one of the areas facing a shortfall.

Republicans have had a majority since 2010.

Advisory committees on the budget will be informing lawmakers of any earmarked funds that can be reshuffled.


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