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Alright! It is a new year. What are you going to do to make sure you are prepared for retirement? Depending on your age, it may be a long time off or it could be knocking on your door. But at some point, most of us will be faced with the realization that it is time to retire. And then, you have to decide what kind of retirement you want. What kind of retirement do you imagine? Do you imagine yourself waking up to a blank canvas? Or do you imagine yourself still working in your retirement years? Do you think that you have enough set aside for retirement or will you be needing to work to bring in income? Now don’t’ get me wrong, I know some people will prefer to work in retirement, but it will be in a more low keyed environment that keeps them busy with something to do. To each his own. But even that individual is choosing his retirement activities.

No matter how you want to spend your retirement, now is a great time to sit down with your advisor and review your retirement strategies. A lot has happened in the past year that could have a significant impact on how you save and what you invest in to better enhance your retirement position. The new tax laws may or may not have any kind of impact on you and how you save, but until you talk with a tax professional, you can’t really be sure. Say you are patient of a doctor being treated for high blood pressure and he calls you and tells you that, because of some recent medication changes, it would be a good idea for you to come in and get evaluated to see if these changes could positively impact your treatment, you would go in and see what he is talking about, right? Well this is no different. There could have been some changes that have occurred that could positively impact your retirement goals and it is important to find out what you can from a tax professional to make sure you are covered. A lot of people feel like they can get the information they need from researching online and can make changes and adjustments based on their internet research. But, you know, I can get on and research the internet for the medical symptoms I’m having but it does not mean that I can go into a doctor and tell them how they should to treat me. The same holds true with financial advisors. There is a lot of information online about financial investing, but it may not be enough information to help you make a wise decision Just take some time to sit down with your advisor, not just about your retirement strategies, but about your whole financial picture and trust that in the end, you’ll get more quality help than just researching online

Financial Advisors are here to help you reach your financial goals. We can help you achieve that by not just looking at how we can enhance your retirement strategies, but your overall financial picture, hoping to be able to enhance your life and the lives of those you love.

If you don’t have a Financial Advisor, please feel free to call me and I’ll be happy to set up a time to talk with you.

Buddy Hicks is a Financial Advisor with Wealth Management Group LLC an affiliate firm of Securian Financial Services and has over 18 years of experience in the financial services business. He is Life and Health Insurance licensed and FINRA registered with his Series 7 and Series 66 which allows him to be an Investment AdvisorRepresentative and Registered Representative of and offer securities and investment advisory services through Securian Financial Services Inc, member FINRA / SIPC. He is an Alumnus of Troy University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Finance. He takes a process approach with all of his clients to help determine their goals and then works with them to put a strategy in place to help reach those goals. An area of importance of Buddy’s is his ability to intuitively listen to his clients so that he can fully understand their current situation and what their

future needs might be.

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