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At 12:01a.m. on January 20, 2018, a dually elected group of Senators with the mandate of representing their United States constituents in their states failed to remember who elected them and what their purpose is. Instead, they used an important opportunity reflecting fiscal responsibility to its citizens by creating an unfair and un-American tactic meant to obtain benefits and opportunity for people who never elected them to their position in the first place. The very people who used their vote to undermine the fiscal responsibility of our United States government did so at the cost of the American public. Instead, they think it was worthwhile to prove a point that was absolutely pointless; therefore, showing their true un-American colors. The American citizens need to take a hard look at these individuals who seem to be in a crisis of identity when they don’t even know whom they are supposed to be representing. These same Senators need to bear the full responsibly of the choice that they made for all of us.

If you are not aware, when the government goes into a shutdown, it does major damage to our military members, specifically those who are in harms way. Those active military members get a memorandum from the Secretary of Defense that states they are to continue doing their job, ultimately without pay until the shutdown is over. The military members that are in harms way, are now burdened with the extra worry of the thought of their spouses and children going without food, and the ability to pay their bills is no longer there. Their minds become flooded with concern and worry in a time when their focus should be on the enemies in front of them. The men and women in uniform, protecting our families and country, should have the luxury of not worrying when their next paycheck will be drafted because of bull-headed Senators in Washington who are too concerned with the illegals to worry about keeping our brave ones’ safe. If you ask me, it should be a mandate that the ones in Congress be the first ones to get their checks held until they reach an agreement, not the ones who are on the forefront willing to sacrifice their lives. That is one backwards mindset.

This latest action by a democratically elected group of officials is a real indicator of what has obviously been a hidden agenda that has been going on for years. Their purpose should be to plan for our future, safe guard the present, not repeat the mistakes of the past, and make America the strongest nation on the face of the planet. In doing this, it would provide a future that not only prospers our citizens but also serves as a watch guard for other citizens in other nations.

We the people will NEVER FORGET January 20, 2018, the day the Senate democrats chose to shut down the American government, deprive American children of health care, and hold our military hostage to protect illegal



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