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Where are we going?

Not since the “War of Northern Aggression” has the United States of America been less united than it is today.

Watching the Democrats vigorous pouting during President Donald Trump's State of the Union message last month, the situation would have been funny had it not been more serious. It was almost as if Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had returned to life to sit in the Capitol, frowning and posturing as President Trump gave his “State of the Union” speech.

As the public viewed the Democratic portion of our Congress, sitting on their hands with sullen looks on their faces as President Trump presented the Nation with his message. One could hardly keep from laughing as the Democrats glared into the cameras as Pres. Trump gave an uplifting report to America.

The Democrats put on a silent show of belligerence as President Trump gave an uplifting and positive message to America. It would have been comical were the situation not so serious. We're skating close to another world war if America doesn't get serious about the many threats it is facing.

Another World War is imminent if the United States doesn't give up its silly pouting and start sharpening its swords.

Weren't we shortsighted in 1945, when we thought we had won a “war to end all wars.” We should have taken a clue when North Korea invaded the South and plunged us back into a war stance. And did not the Vietnam War cause us to appreciate the direction in which our country was headed? Obviously not. Now we're marching, once again, down the path to another world war; unless we get our act together and take the world situation more seriously.

Perhaps our country would be better off with a unicameral congress. Preferably one that has a more accurate sense of direction. We seem to be as confused as we were a century and a half ago; or even four centuries past, when Aesop opined that “United we stand; divided we fall.” If our Congress doesn't acquire a positive sense of direction soon; falling may be our fate.


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