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Making America Great Again

Today, we are nearing the midpoint of Donald Trump’s second year. So far, he has done some very good things:

1. Ended our subjugation to the Paris Climate Agreement.

2. Put the brakes on mass m igration ofpotentially dangerous people.

3. Reduced illegal immigration by 67%.

4. Re-opened the coal mines and re-established jobs for the miners.

5. Withdrew from the job-threatening Trans-Pacific Partnership.

6. Revived essential pipelines that will ensure a dependable supply of petroleum.

7. Scrapped DACA.

8. Set restrictions on lobbying.

Here are some important duties yet to be done:

1. Amend (or repeal) the 14th amendment to end “birthright” citizenship for illegal aliens’ children to terminate the “anchor baby” crisis.

2. Shut down all public assistance that has become a magnet for illegal aliens.

3. Be choosy about who we allow to immigrate. Accept only those who treasure American

independence and individual liberty. Reject those who want to transform our culture into collectivism and/or one that is alien to our values and principles.

4. STOP the idiotic tariffs. Give us genuine free trade; in other words, don’t mess with it.

5. End drug prohibition. It is just as dangerous as alcohol prohibition. Stop the outlandish incarceration of millions of people for victimless “crimes.”

6. Stop civil asset forfeiture.

7. Put serious restraints on over-reaching and abusive government agencies—EPA, OSHA, DEA, EEOC, ATF, FBI, and many others.

8. Shut down programs and agencies we are better off without—Education, Energy, etc.

9. Do everything possible to roll back government regulation and spending. Tax cuts are fine, but they must be tempered with spending cuts. The runaway Obama deficit juggernaut must be halted.

10. And finally, here is the big one. STOP the warmongering. Bring our troops home— ALL of them. Get them out of the Middle East, Africa—wherever they may be. Gather our ships, planes, and materiel, and bring them home.

America should never try to be the world’s overlord. We have no business meddling into the affairs of other nations. It does not help anybody. Look at our past wars since WWII. Every last one did more harm than good. When rulers of other countries kill a few dozen people, why do we over-react by spending billions and billions of our treasure to slaughter and maim many thousands, including thousands of our own people?

How does that help anybody? Who are we saving? For example, George W. Bush invaded Iraq, bombed it into oblivion, killed many thousands, destroyed the infrastructure, and finally assassinated Saddam Hussein. Guess who filled in the vacuum—the Taliban and ISIS.

Our war in the Middle East has killed hundreds of thousands, including several thousand Americans who had no legitimate business even being put over there. America’s tab for this unconscionable destruction, so far, has been about $7 trillion dollars.

So Donald, you promised to get us out of the Mideast entanglement. When are you going to keep that promise? If you really want to make America great again, we must stop the wars and the meddling. Leave other countries alone. Let them settle their own disputes. When others commit terrible war crimes, DON’T join them.

A great America is an America that minds its own business and leaves things alone. Please follow the policies of Calvin Coolidge, our greatest president of the 20th century.


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