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The NFL Hoax

An NFL player, whose name will not be mentioned, kneeled during the national anthem last year in protest of black men being killed or abused by white policemen. The actions of this millionaire was intended to rally America behind the “racist” nation that has been represented by the “Flag of the United States of America” from it’s inception at millions of public events all over the world. Behind this flag, the founders of this country hammered out a constitution that has been the model for every free nation on the face of this earth for 240 years. This flag lead this nation through the “The War of 1812”, The War Between the States”, “The Spanish American War”, “World War I”, World War II”, “The Korean War”, “The Vietnam War”, “The Falkland Island War”, and the “War on Terrorism”, which will be and unending war.

This same flag is leading us at this moment in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other “hot spots” all over the world, in order to keep any nation from attacking our homeland like what occurred on 9-11-2001. In America, one either gets on our train or is left at the station of life that one has chosen to endure.

It is only fitting that Thursday, prior to the Memorial Day weekend, the Commissioner of the National Football League and thirty-one owners of each team issued a ruling regarding the protests of the American Flag and the national anthem before or during an NFL game by players, coaches and other officials representing the teams. The vote was unanimous, but one spineless CEO of the San Francisco 49ers, Jed York, abstained from voting yes or no. On the fence is no way to live. One will eventually fall off of the fence or the fence will be taken down.

This long anticipated ruling is really not a victory for anybody. It is just vague enough to give wiggle room for the players and the league. Representatives of each team now have the choice to stay in the locker room during the flag raising ceremony before each NFL game. However, the players who are present on the sidelines must stand for the pre-game ceremony or be subject to a fine. Individual teams can now adopt their own polices to punish players on the field who violate this rule. Individual teams can also be fined by the league for violating this rule. This ruling is so indicative of how weak the ownership of the NFL is. They tried to solve this problem by pitting both ends against the middle. For instance, it does not explain whether the players can stand on one leg. It does not address whether a player can stand with his arms raised. It does not say whether a player must have his helmet on or cradled in the left arm. It has taken this long for the NFL to come up with this plan. It could have been solved during the first protest last year.

Not only does the American Flag represent the men and women of America’s armed forces, it represents all Americans that have served this nation in any capacity during war and during peace. It represents the men and women who were not able to serve in the armed forces. Without the farmers we could not have fed the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, or the Merchant Marines. In addition these same farmers fed the nation for over 250 years during times of crisis and times of plenty. The same kind of service was performed by factory workers, medical specialists, firemen, policemen, teachers, truck drivers, people in the shipping industry, and yes politicians. Without the three branches of government none of the above would have been possible.

The President has to make gut wrenching decisions every day, especially when it involves matters of deployment of American troops into harms way. Without the Congress, the country would have no direction relating to national defense. Congress is also responsible for funding all governmental activities that are crucial to our federal, state, and local services. The Supreme Court must interpret the legality of every action that occurs as it applies to the constitution. The Supreme Court is the rudder that guides the “Ship of State”

Even today, 90% of American citizens pay reverence to the Flag of the United States of America. Those who do not are misguided in their belief that America is the problem and not the solution!


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