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We have just bought a new place in the country so we can expand our small educational zoo and take in more disabled, special needs, abused and unwanted wildlife and exotics. We have been asking for donations and help. We need new enclosures, toys , play skool houses, dog igloos, blankets and dog food. Anything we could use. Its not the moving for us that is hard, it's relocating all of our animals and setting up with new accommodations for them. There is a lot of work that goes into owning a zoo.

Our new location is in Butler County. If you or any one would like to send a donation make it payable to CO Ron or Angie VanHerwyn, 2637 Booker Road McKenzie, Alabama 36456. On the bottom of the check line put Kritter Kids donation. Thank you so very much for your understanding.

Everyone who rehabs wildlife, owns a Sanctuary or a Zoo knows how expensive it can be and we are in the process of moving to our new home where we have more property and a larger place to continue our education programs with more animals and we will be able to continue to take in more handicap, disabled and special needs wildlife and exotics Please help and donate. It only takes a minute of your time, especially anyone who has brought a forever baby to us; they stayed with you for only a short time with us it's a lifetime commitment. We need help to get more enclosures, food (some are on special diets) medical attention and medications. We need more kennels, blankets and enrichment toys.

Once again, no amount is too small. Every bit counts and the animals are very thankful for whatever you can give. Without the help we will be limited to how many animals we will be able to take in. And you never know when you may need that forever home for one of your babies again. All monies go straight to the animals for their care. We are a Educational Zoo that teaches about wildlife & Exotic, and we are also the only facility in the USA that has over 25 permanent handicap and disabled Raccoons. This is our specialty and what we do. I have helped a lot of you by sharing things that I have learned over the years and by taking your handicap babies. I love to help and teach and take in new fur babies with disabilities. Our latest baby has seizures.

All we are asking is your help and understanding… Thank you

Ron & Angie VanHerwyn

Kritter Kids Wildlife & Exotics

Px# 334-374-0180



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