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One Nation Divided

On July 6, 1776, General George Washington called for America’s independence from Great Britain, and declared the “The United colonies of North America” were to now be a free and independent nation, no longer under the iron rule of Great Britain. His words were followed by Thomas Jefferson’s declaration that “all men were created equal and endowed by their creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Then in 1892, Francis Bellamy put forth his “Pledge of Allegiance,” which declared that the United States of America had become “one nation indivisible - with liberty and justice for all.”

Now, 242 years later, look where we are.

America is more divided than ever in its history. Its overrun wit border jumpers, most of whom could hardly meet the requirements of citizenship that immigrants to this country once endured.

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863, and the Civil Rights law passed in 1964, to insure that all Americans were to be considered “free and equal.”

So, one should assume that our nation has come a long way over the last 242 years. Wrong.

America is more divided and worse off than it has ever been in its history. The country is overrun with illegal immigrants, and politicians are declaring their cities as “sanctuaries,’ a category that is somewhat curious, and decidely dubious, considering that most of our ancestors migrated to America from other countries, waited their turn at Ellis Island, and humbly abided by our laws, and studied hard for years to learn what was necessary to earn thier right as a citizen of the United States of America.

Today, our Congress is fiercely divided politically, and appears to be more concerned with ruining the country than with running it. Americans are confused and dismayed with the political state of our nation.

Despite rising to an economic standing that is probably superior than it has ever been, our politicians seem to be determined to bring our country down in a shambles.

Those of us who have lived seven or eight decades in the United States of America have seen a lot of changes, economically and politically, and have ridden an economic roller coaster over these years. Now we seem to be enjoying our greatest economic years in our history, but those whom we have elected to power seem determined to destroy it.

Whatever happened to “One nation, indivisible?”

It’s time for our citizens to harken back to our origin, when patriotic Americans shrugged off the British yoke of imperialism and became a free and independent nation. Not as slaves to the idiotic fantasies of many of their elected officials, as we are now.

The United States of America is becoming less united than it ever has been, our freedoms are being tromped upon, and our future appears quite dim.

Most of us who are in our dotage remember that members of our families migrated to this country after years of filling out forms, undergoing investigation and interrogation; then diligently studying our nation, history, learning its language, and then waiting their turn in line to become Americans.

American citizenship used to be earned. Now its handed out.

What has become of our once beautiful and independent United States.

Who are these strangers we have elected to public office?

Where are we headed, as a free and independent nation?

Quo vadis America?


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