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Easy Living for Senior Citizens

During his lifetime your humble scribe has traveled throughout most of the United States, Europe, and into the South Pacific.

Residence has been in a variety of setting, many more than once, but none have been as satisfactory as the present abode: “Elmcroft of Halcyon,” an assisted living facility located next to the ballpark off Taylor Hill Road. It is a splendid facility that accommodates a variety of senior living needs.

The staff at Elmcroft is headed by Executive Director Tammy Grant, who is assisted by Miss Terry Shaw, office coordinator. A staff of eager workers at Elmcroft strive diligently to insure that none of the residents’ requirements are overlooked.

Residents’ health needs are scrupulously supervised by Dr. Donald Marshall, MD, who spends each Friday personally addressing their health issues. On a daily basis, RN Katherine Jackson, Resident Services Director, remains in constant contact with residents, insuring that their individual health needs are satisfied. These requirements are also scrutinized on a daily basis by a cadre of LPNs.

Stephanie Murphy looks after the needs of residents with special requirements, who live in the Heartland Village section of the facility, insuring that few, if any, apartments stand vacant is Charley Mulcahy of Elmore County, who bears the title of “Community Relations Director,” but who your writer refers to as the “Headhunter.” Mr. Mulcahey also has an attractive spouse, Melanie, who heads up the popular sining group “Heart 2 Heart.” They always pack the activity room whenever they appear at Elmcroft.

Ms. Gloria Crews oversees the dining needs of the residents, none of whom can complain of being underfed. Her talents were previously praised in an earlier edition of the Gazette.

Speaking of the dining room, Jerry Free stands in as breakfast maitre d’ hotel, insuring that residents are served promptly and efficiently. His task is to see that none of their dining needs are overlooked. His major job; however, is as maintenance director, a task he attends to with unprecedented vigor and alacrity. Residents’ needs are promptly and efficiently met. Your writer can vigorously attest to his efficiency.

Ms. Shijuana Moore has the title of Healthy Lifestyles Director, which means that she shuttles residents to the local Walmart each Monday to satisfy their shopping requirements, carries residents to hospitals and doctor’s offices on a bi-weekly basis, and provides them with a variety of mind-challenging activities, such as Bingo, artistic challenges, and other endeavors.

Finally, beautician Connie Gibson show up twice a week to see to residents’ tonsorial and beautification needs.

These are the people whose efforts help to insure that most of the apartments are filled with happy residents who will probably remain at Elmcroft as long as possible.

Your writers’ life, from the day he entered the Army at the age of 17, has been one of a gypsy, never staying in one place for more than four years, tops: and this included, later on, the many independent living facilities that have been home: often for a relatively short time.

The accommodations at Elmcroft are excellent, as is the food, and the various wants of the residents are more than adequately tended to.

It’s little wonder that the population at Elmcroft remains high.

During his lifetime your writer has lived in a host of venues after the old homestead was left. The delightful days of marriage ended sadly by the demise of his beloved spouse. But nothing has more adequately satisfied his needs better than the days spent at Elmcroft at Halcyon.

For a senior citizen looking for a place to live that will more than adequately meet his or her needs, Elmcroft of Halcyon is the place to go. Give it a look. You will be glad you did!


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