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Ubiquitous Salem

When your writer was growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, the name Salem was associated with the state of Oregon. Later on, now that home is in Alabama, it is learned that there is also a Salem in that state. And recently, in a letter from a sister-in-law in Utah, it was learned that there was also a Salem there. How many Salems, one must ponder, are there? Taking all the states in the U.S. where a city “Salem” exists, there are at least 53—if not more.

There are three Salems in Arkansas, two in Indiana, and four of various varieties in New York. There's a Salem, North Carolina and a Winston-Salem, in the same state.

Trying to count the number of Salems in the U. S. gets confusing, since there are towns with a multiple name, on of which is Salem.

Further research is that there are also three Salems in Arkansas, one in Connecticut, one in Georgia, another in Illinois, another in Indiana, one in Iowa, and one in Kentucky. All tolled, there are 34 Salems in the United States.

The Salem most of us know is in Colonial Massachusetts, where, in 1692, the famous Salem Witch Trials were held., A total of 19 people were hanged, and another was crushed by a large boulder. No one was burned at the stake.

And while we're on the subject of names: in Florida, there's a city named: Aces of Diamonds; in Missouri there’s a city named Panic, in Pennsylvania a Hornytown, and in the state of North Carolina, a Boring.

In Oregon there's a Chugwater, and a Cold Foot, Wyoming. In the state of Alaska there's a city called: Kill Devil Hills, and one called: No Name. In North Carolina, there's a Monkey's Elbow.

There's an Eek in Kentucky, and in the state of Pennsylvania, there's a Pennsylvania Intercourse.

As one might conclude, telling other people, especially foreigners, where one is from, especially if he or she is from a Salem, it can be confusing.

When your writer first went to Germany at the end of World War II, people would ask “Where are you from?” After the response of: Utah, a perplexed look would come over their faces, and the reply would be: ” From where?” They'd never heard of a Utah.

It's a confusing world in which we live.


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