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Being a veteran is less expensive

Sitting around in “old folks homes” across the nation are many veterans who, during their lifetime, served their country as members of one of the various armed forces. After they served their time, most hung up their hats and went back to being civilians.

But one thing many of these veterans were not aware of was that even though they'd hung up their military hats, a host of benefits were available to them, solely as a reward for having served their nation in one of the armed forces.

For example, if a veteran owns, or has access to, a computer, he or she will find that there's a possibility that should they be a homeowner they may qualify for an a mortgage reduction that could save them an average of $42,000 on their mortgage. Now, that's worth looking into.

Another pleasant surprise for many vets is that when they go out on the town for a snack, or a dinner, they may not be obliged the pay the same amount for their meal as non-vets, Many restaurants and fast food facilities offer discounts to those who can show a military identification card, discounts ranging from 10 to 15 percent. Your writer was happily surprised one day when, on paying for his meal at a local fast food facility, that when the cashier noticed his

military ID card, his bill was reduced by 10 percent. There's no point in keeping one's former military time a secret.

Many auto repair shops offer discounts on repair bills-- when they know their customer is an active or former military person. Vets may be eligible for a discount on their cell phone bills, or on other services—if their former military status is known.

Veterans who find themselves over their heads in debt may find relief through the Freedom Debt Relief program that is available to those who have served their country in military service.

Once a veteran heads for the mall for a shopping spree, he or she should know that both locally owned and national retail stores offer discounts to veterans.

Discounts for veterans seeking life insurance policies can go as high as 70 per cent.

And senior discount clubs offer veterans discounts on their purchases; as high as 70 percent, in some cases.

Even grocery stores will give a veteran a break; if he or she can provide evidence of his or her military status.

Veterans who own their home should know that they can save thousands of dollars on home repair bills if they are members of the Home Warranty Program.

Even shoes and boots can cost a veteran less; on discounts running as high as 47 percent. It pays to ask.

Home and garden supplies purchased by service members, and former service members can be reduced as high as 20 percent—depending on where the veteran shops.

Active duty military folk, as well as veterans can save as much as 70 percent on their car insurance, Add to this list are discounts on home security systems, many gym and health club memberships, energy bills, travel and vacation trips, theme parks, and other entertainment facilities; they all provide discounts for active duty and former members of the armed services.

Movies, hotel bookings, home repairs, life insurance, and just about anything else imaginable, can be less expensive for a service member or a veteran; one just has to ask.


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