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Deputy of the Year

On June 12th, 2018, Deputy Charles McGlown was dispatched to an ATV accident on private property on Seven Oaks Drive in the Pike Road Community. While enroute to the call, County E-911 advised that a Polaris Ranger ATV had overturned on the property and a juvenile was entrapped underneath the vehicle. Upon arrival, Dep McGlown became aware of the seriousness of the accident and using only his strength, was able to upright the ATV and free the juvenile and render medical support while Pike Road paramedics and Haynes Ambulance responded to provide life saving care for the juvenile. According to the specifications for the Polaris Ranger, the approximate dry weight of the ATV is 1636 pounds. Deputy McGlown’s quick thinking and actions during this stressful event helped save the life of 10 year old Hayden Shinkle on that day. The actions of Deputy McGlown have brought great credit to himself and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and is hereby awarded Deputy of the Year for 2018.

Sheriff’s Office APP

Sheriff Cunningham would like to remind you that just because the holidays are over, please don't let your guard down. Criminals are lurking everywhere and you do not want to be their next target. Do not leave any boxes from Christmas out by the curb advertising to criminals that you have a new item in your home. You need to always remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings and the best way to do this is to download the Sheriff's Office new phone APP called "Montgomery County AL Sheriff". The app can be accessed through your phone's app store. Once you have added this app to your phone, you can easily set your phone up to receive important push notifications. Push notifications are quick, important messages that can notify you of road closure(s), blocked road(s), anything pertinent to your travel, escapee, etc. While our app can help you with many things including checking to see if someone is in the county jail, it is most helpful to receive push notifications. After you have downloaded the app, go through the follow steps to make sure your phone is set up to receive the push notifications:

• Go to your phone's setting icon

• Scroll down and click “Applications”

• Scroll down to “MCSO” or "Montgomery county sheriff'


• Click “Application Manager”, if it doesn't take you directly to the location

• Click “Notifications”

• Turn on “Allow Notifications” and “Previews in pop-ups”

You should be all set to receive the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office push notifications!


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