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Funding Insecurities

We’ve all heard the term, “fixed income.” While in all reality most everyone lives on some type of fixed income, there is the possibility of a pay raise while they are in the work force. One overwhelming fear the elderly community faces after retirement is the lack of increasing salaries as the cost of living is steadily on the incline. The National Council on Aging is a great resource as we look to the future of our aging community. Like wise many cities, like Montgomery Alabama, boasts wonderful aging agencies, The Montgomery Area Council on Aging (MACOA). These agencies are great tools in finding out what governmental assistance is available to the senior population. There are assistances offered with veteran’s assistance, transportation, respite care, food, healthcare, prescription drug, utility, SSI, HUD housing and even home weatherization assistance.

To locate the appropriate center in your area or for more information on assistance, visit the National Council on Aging’s website at


115 E. Jefferson Street

Montgomery, AL 36104

(334) 263-0532


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