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New Year, New You?

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and senior citizens these days are taking the old saying to heart. With more and more seniors taking the leap and enrolling in what are affectionately known as “encore educations” it stands to wonder, could we take note and follow?

There is a group of Americans that are furthering their education, some more than 50 years after they threw their caps in the air in celebratory fashion. There are a few things that factor into the choice to return to school. From staying competitive in the work force to second chapter careers or creating new challenges and learning new things to simply fulfilling a life long goal, there are many reasons the seniors of today are going to college. Would you take this giant leap of faith and expand your knowledge by returning to the classroom? According to “Peller’s organization is pushing the federal government to make the rules for receiving a Pell grant more flexible for older learners. These learners, Viar points out, are likely to increase, as the U.S. population grows considerably older. Higher education experts say it’s key to consider the needs of older college students when looking for ways to increase enrollment, retention and completion.”

For more information on furthering your education if you are a senior please visit:

The US Department of Education


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