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Your Time Again?

You were married and for whatever reason you are single now. You’ve spent your life planning retirement with your mate, but now entering your golden years single is not always the way you envisioned. You probably had planned on growing old with your spouse. Sometimes we don’t understand why we lose people, but there may be answers to your broken heart. According to The Washington Post “Adults between the ages of 55 and 64 are also turning to websites and apps more often, with 12 percent reporting they’ve used an online dating site.” There are even sites geared to the older crowd, 50 and above. is a site run by AARP. So maybe there is someone out there you can spend you later years with. Maybe there is someone out there in the same position you are, maybe like you they are lonely. Maybe they are missing their loved one and just like you they are looking for first, a friend.


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