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The Five Seasons of a Great Life (What season are you in right now?)

Part Two

This month we continue exploring the seasons of the great life of King David with Part Two in our series. Last month we covered the first two seasons: The Season of Bethlehem and the Season of Gibeah. This month we will look at the last three.

Have you ever considered that your life is a journey through different seasons? Your life is not just a meaningless series of ups and downs but rather an evolution of you becoming all you were designed and meant to be!

Of course, when it comes to the seasons of life, one can evolve into a wiser person who grows closer and closer to their creator through each season or one can chose to waste each season and keep repeating the same bad habits and learn nothing. One path leads to a more intimate relationship with God and a rich and full life, and the other path leads to alienation from the Great Designer along with disappointment, disillusionment and ultimately to despair.

Whatever season you may be in right now, God wants to use it to draw you closer to Himself, make you wiser, use you to make a difference and prepare you for the next season as you fulfill your purpose!

King David was the most famous King of Israel and became one of the greatest leaders, most popular heroes and wealthiest people in the world at the time of his reign. Even though he lived 3,000 years ago, he is still revered to this day as the greatest King whoever sat on the throne of Israel. In fact, a thousand years after David’s reign as King, Luke writes in the book of Acts that “David fulfilled his purpose in his generation.” This is the highest compliment I think you can give someone.

You may think you have absolutely nothing in common with the David of the Bible. But let’s take a look at the five seasons of David’s great life and see if you can see some similarities between his life seasons and yours. I’m willing to bet you can learn some lessons from the seasons he went through that may help you in the journey through your life seasons. This month, we will look at the last three seasons of David’s great life and see what we can learn and apply.

Season Three

The Adullum Season - The Caves of Hardship

After David killed Goliath and became the most popular hero in Israel, he married the King’s daughter and moved into the Palace. Saul, the King, also made David a leader in his army, and David won every battle he fought. As his victories mounted up and David’s popularity soured, Saul became more and more jealous. Eventually, Saul tried to kill David, until Jonathan, Saul’s son, warned David to flee for his life and hide. So, David, on the run for his life, heads toward the caves of Adullum where he would hide out for many years. This season became a season of hardship, discouragement and challenge as Saul hired 3,000 soldiers to hunt David down and kill him.

Maybe you have experienced a season in the caves of hardship (maybe you are in one right now) because of job loss or financial problems, legal or relational issues, depression or anxiety. Perhaps, you are in a season where you feel like an outcast because you were betrayed, abandoned, confused, hurt or deceived. Whatever the cause, dwelling in a cave is no place to be.

But David learned some valuable lessons from his season in a cave. We can benefit from his experience in the caves of Adullum and the knowledge he gained. David learned that you never, never quit. You have to keep trying, stay positive and keep the faith. If you find yourself in the caves of hardship, put into practice these valuable lessons.

Season Four

The Hebron Season - Prophetic Purpose

The Season of Adullum came to an end for David when King Saul of Israel was killed in a battle. After Saul and his son Jonathan were killed, David’s fighting men and loyal soldiers came to him and encouraged him to take the throne. After all, he had been anointed to be King by the prophet Samuel when he was only 17. Now, David is 30 years old and has the support of the people to take the throne, but David does something very unusual, that surprises his mighty fighting men who have waited a long time for David to become King…he stops and prays about what to do. God leads David to go to Hebron instead of the Capital. So, this season becomes a season of discernment as he leads only a fraction of the country as he waits on the Lord to tell him to ascend the throne.

Many people stumble in this season when opportunities seem to be opening up, and our pride can easily get in the way and force us to bulldoze our way to the top. But David leaves us a good example here as he slows down, waits patiently and prays to the Lord as he seeks guidance and discernment.

Season Five

The Season of Zion - The Promise Fulfilled

Finally, after seven long years, David is officially anointed as the King of Israel and takes the throne. He will serve faithfully for many decades as King and is still recognized as the greatest King who ever served Israel. David moved the Capital to Mount Zion which is where the City of Jerusalem is located. From here he established his long and successful reign and paved the way for his son Solomon to build the great Temple.

The lessons of Zion are the lessons of success. David learned the importance of praying and waiting on the Lord. He learned that he was NOT given this opportunity just so he could be rich and famous. Rather, he was blessed to be a blessing to others. And he learned that his reign as King would be about serving God, the people of Israel and other people of various nations!

Whatever opportunities you may be given to lead and serve are given to you so that you can be a blessing to others and so that you can advance the Name of the Lord!

Your life is a journey through different seasons! There is a divine pattern in your life so focus each season on drawing closer to God and serving others! Learn the lessons of each season, and you will be blessed plus you will be a blessing to others!


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