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Can you believe it is now 2020? At the Alabama Gazette, we hope that all of our readers and advertisers have had a very blessed 2019.

This past year has been an exciting one for us! Not only have we celebrated our 20th year of publishing this past October, but also we have continued to grow the company. Earlier this summer, we were awarded a contract with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries to produce its 100-year-old-plus publication, the Alabama Farmers and Consumers' Bulletin. The first issue we distributed was in November, and it was met with overwhelming praise by subscribers.

As for those loyal to the Gazette, we appreciate you and want to continue to bring the content and articles that you most enjoy. We are so honored to have renowned, contributing writers dedicated to bringing truth and honesty to the people of Alabama.

Featured contributing writers have been with us for many years including Trisston Burrows, Sheriff Derrick Cunningham, Steve Flowers, Judge Peggy Givhan, Ronald Holtsford, Ed Jones, Patricia Killough, Kylle' McKinney, John Sophocleus, David Spooner, and Rob Tate. Regretfully, Ms. Bobbie Ames has retired from writing for the Gazette, but she is still very active and even has an upcoming book, and we will certainly keep the readers posted about this exciting publication.

There are so many others to be commended for their important contributions in bringing the Gazette to you. We recognized all of these great writers in the October Anniversary edition. This issue and others may be read online each month a!

Martha Poole Simmons is a wonderful asset, as well, not only to this paper but to the people of Alabama. Her column always showcases very important people: our Veterans. Is it not wonderful to hear the stories of these heroes and still be able to honor those who fought for our freedoms? Dr. Simmons searches out these admirable men and women and interviews each one in order to celebrate their unselfish service to this country.

From soul searching with Pastor Lester Spencer ... to political correctness with John Giles, Tobias Grant, Perry Hooper, Jr., John Martin and Amanda Walker ... to outdoor news with Steve Long and animal articles with Rob Vanherwyn ... this is the People's Paper, and we strive to deliver the content that our readers and advertisers would like to see. We would be remiss in not mentioning that quite a few advertisers have supported us from the inception, too: Pump Repairs, Shaklee, and Ramer Bank. Again, we thank them and all of the others who advertise for allowing us to bring the Alabama Gazette to the people for twenty years.

To each and every one of you, we extend our thoughts and prayers to you and yours that 2020 will truly be the best year yet!


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