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What's New Hypocrat? Time to Abolish Parties in the 'Age of Impeachment'

Hypocrisy in overdrive these past months, now less fueled by DC politburo members, is decelerating back to ‘coasting speed’ toward the usual destination of ‘Dershowitzian’ good intentions (feigned, foolish or sincere) if history is any guide. The 1990s US House turned a blind eye to “Whitewatergate” (as Ken Starr’s absurdly long investigation uncovered too much dirt on too many politburo members) and focused on a ‘seedy’ blue dress - showing how much they truly care about sexual harassment, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress by an executive. Yet the 2018 US House could clearly see corruption in Russia (Mueller’s investigation quickly delivered many indictments, guilty pleas and convictions - again uncovering too much dirt on DC swampers) but decided to focus on Ukraine - esp. when Biden’s blatant abuse of power could provide ‘inoculation’ for BOTH Joe and the current executive in the next duopoly party controlled elections. I find myself among the ‘silent non-duped’ to borrow a little from Mr. Nixon, who would like to see Messrs. Biden and Trump in the same federal prison cell.

In Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis wrote, "[The Devil] always sends errors into the world in pairs - pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one. But do not let us be fooled. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between both errors. We have no other concern than that with either of them."

Some readers will recall this is nothing new, I’ve been an equal opportunity advocate of prosecuting our Blue and Red Party public servants. ALDoT Directors Butts and Roberts; Governors Siegleman and Riley; Clinton and Trump - still waiting to ‘lock her up’ which of course will not happen given the ‘honor’ among these political thieves and ‘artful deals’ among swampers. The change in demeanor by some who appreciated all my efforts to expose Felon Hubbard (still awaiting his public service to show we’re serious about disciplining corruption in Alabama) when I say Mr. Biden has also earned conviction and prison time is most illustrative - i.e., it is about control/party not principle/righteousness for most. Little difference between facilitating Hubbard’s $12k/mo. wealth transfer from the gas industry here and Biden’s $50k/mo. in Ukraine except dollar amounts, company names and locations. Super Tuesday will provide insight (with a ‘super-delegate’ rigging caveat) on Democrat voter attitudes on refusing to give Candidate Biden a pass - even with the successful ‘inoculation acquittal show’ in DC for current duopoly front-runners. Republican voters are less able to show discipline in some primaries where the Red Party removed the presidential race - e.g. no contest in SC last month, but unsuccessful at eliminating Trump’s competition in NH’s early primary. Hopefully the other ‘silent non-duped’ voters like me who cannot cast for Messrs. Biden or Trump and keep their souls will still show to polls to be counted as willing to vote for decency over corruption. I forecast using more ink than usual this November writing in candidates (e.g., Casson for US House) blocked from ballots.

Even without including ‘fool blown’ authoritarians like Bolton going berserk to provide further evidence or witnessing once good men like Mulvaney broken and destroyed by this recent Biden/Trump juggernaut it was nonetheless captivating to watch the politburo fiddle while burning a few more of our precious few remaining shreds of Constitutional constraints in DC. Even more mesmerizing to behold than Ken Starr’s ‘two-step tiptoe thru the bull tulips’ was witnessing Dershowitz (age 60) v. Dershowitz (age 81). A duel of ‘witz’ with one unarmed opponent - not that I think this public servant has any trouble looking in the mirror debating himself given his desired rewards and others defended. It is a shame his instruction is heralded as top notch because of degrees and Ivey League schools instead of logic, reason and substance. After torturing the clear text (and failure to understand there was no federal code to be more specific when writing and ratifying the Constitution in 1789) I still wanted Dr. Dershowitz to illustrate what ‘misdemeanor treason’ looks like. Dershowitz, Jr., Starr, Dershowitz, Sr., Sycophant & Howe could be the top defense attorney law firm in our new Age of Impeachment to broker future inoculation acquittal deals to ‘fix’ things for the most powerful duopoly offenders. They are the next iteration on our leviathan path to the junk-heap of history; like big govt. moderates who are well rewarded ‘getting things done’ to give us the worst of both worlds instead of allowing what’s left of a barely functioning system block extremism. With the recent ‘Pardon Spree’ that would’ve made Gerald Ford blush, perhaps “The Fixer’ will be an addition to the Age of Impeachment legal dream team shingle.

At risk of attenuating the Ric Flair v. Hulk Hogan type entertainment value in future Age of Impeachment ‘pro-wraslin’ events, let’s abolish parties. Once again the biggest source of the problem is we do not follow Art. 1, Sec. 2 of the Constitution to have a representative House; hyper-gerrymandered results with restrictive ballot access laws drive the rigged election results as most rational citizens have grown indifferent to which thief gets the office. Many problems ‘cascade’ (as we said in my automotive days) from that initial failure/fraud. Unlikely a majority in the House could have been mustered for impeachment with a representative body - but if we had the Constitutionally correct number of House members we would not observe the same choices for many federal offices. I’ll not further aggravate readers on the travesty of the 17th Amendment and how the Senate has been a boon for ‘Cash Register’ Shelby types – yet another big govt. Democrat of no integrity turned Republican to keep his cash flow churning. Sadly there was no Goldwater in the Senate as in the Nixon days to tell the executive it was time to resign before being impeached. McCain certainly was no Goldwater and anything close like Mr. Flake exited the duopoly madness.

I know it sounds extreme to abolish parties, but no more extreme than the call for term-limits without amendment, an unconstitutional 435 limit the dumb masses applaud with one for every 700,000+ population (instead of 30,00+) representation or ‘Baby face’ Pete’s pandering to abolish the Electoral College, etc. At least do away with the blue/red soviet monikers in our next inoculation acquittal show. I don’t care if the prosecutors are Democrats or the defendant is a Republican. Sadly, the ‘biggest loser’ (ops, I don’t think that’s a Trump show) was the Truth written by Jefferson’s brave pen in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Hard to imagine anything angered the King more than TJ’s compelling argument against ‘Divine Right’ - all men are indeed created equal. Sadly most do not even see the real object in play is more power to politburo members in general (esp. to be pardoned with impunity) and Absolute Power to the executive more specifically. With guardians of this Truth like Dershowitz, Starr, Dershowitz, Cohen, et al exacerbated by an unrepresentative House and the ‘money mill’ (post 17th Amendment) Senate now well ensconced any effort toward a righteous, Constitutionally correct path becomes less possible.

In closing, does anyone really think one of the more fiscally rational Democrats (I could at least consider voting for) will be their nominee? It is clear no small govt. conservative will ever be allowed the Red Party nomination. But wait, I’m now supposed to be enamored with another big govt. New York billionaire Republican - oh no, how clumsy of me, he’s a Democrat now...

Postscript: I was saddened when informed fellow Alabama Gazette columnist Ed Jones, our delightful and sage sports writer - a.k.a., "Mr. College Football" -- died Monday, February 17th. As the Greeks say, “Eonia imnemi,” - i.e., may Ed’s memory be eternal through Jesus Christ. He certainly let the Holy Spirit show through him and will be dearly missed by colleagues, family, friends and his readers.


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