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Never Write When You Are Angry

There is an idea out there that when you write a column of any kind, one should not be angry when writing. Although I adhere to this most of the time, I am going to violate this rule. Having already submitted my Robservation, “Never a Wrong Time,” the Gazette was gracious enough to let me write another column since this edition is going to focused as a digital version. I felt the need to get this off my chest instead of waiting for next month although certain aspects will be continued later. To my credit, I have dialed back my vitriol considerably since the first draft.

CORONA: Obviously, this is the biggest news story of this Century thus far. It is not even close. Some people are “pooh-poohing” it as a hoax while others are trying to minimize the deadly reality. At the other end, there are those who are saying the end of the world is near. I, as my usual self, am trying to look at it through more realistic eyes and see that yes, it is bad, it is likely going to get worse, but the world as a whole will continue to turn; unfortunately, not for many.

There is a bigger issue, in my mind, than just the Corona virus itself. Yes, and unlike the weakling press, it is the China Corona virus no matter how hard they have forced the news people to call it COVID-19, as a way of trying to deflect where this thing originated by saying it is somehow “racist” to call it anything other than COVID-19. To the bigger issue is this: China has, in effect, created a bio tsunami over the entire planet. Even if not intentionally.

Look, I do not say this lightly, in jest or out of fear. This is how I see it. Here is a site for you: This site breaks down how the virus got its start and how the Chinese didn’t do their best to stop its spread. In some cases, it appears they were more concerned with stopping the spread of information about the virus. According to this one site, they knew as early as 10 December about the first infected person. Another site says they knew about the virus as early as November. Still, on 18 January, they had huge Lunar New Year banquet in Wuhan with tens of thousands of people. Despite this, afterwards millions of Chinese citizens from Wuhan were allowed to travel throughout China and thousands were allowed

international travel. Not only this, at least two doctors reporting the new illness as early as December were reprimanded for bring forward this information.

So, let’s spell this out. The virus, very contagious and deadly, was found as early as November-December 2019. The first US patient left Wuhan and arrived in the US on 15 January 2020. Knowing this virus was active and spreading, the Chinese still allowed the Lunar New Year Banquet to go ahead after Thailand received their first patient on 13 January. South Korea got their first case two days later on the 20th of January. So, knowing this virus was present since

mid-December at least, the Chinese KNOWINGLY ALLOWED PEOPLE, EVEN THOSE LIKELY INFECTED, TO FREELY TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD. This is really not in dispute. This is real. Knowing how deadly this virus was, being the communist country they are, they could have put an immediate travel ban in or out of China until this was under control. They chose, however, to allow this to happen which of course brings into question, intent. That is for another column.

To be honest, I am not going to go the route of COVID-19 being manufactured in a lab. I do not believe that to be the case and I hope history supports this. Let’s be clear about one thing though. Unlike the Chinese who are trying to spin a perverted narrative, American soldiers did not spread the virus in China: Get real. American soldiers in China? Laughable. And yet they keep trying to argue that this is all America’s fault ( and our sorry press does very little to correct it – anything to make Trump look bad is fair game in their dark and demented world. Let’s just stick to what is true for now and that is China, through commission or omission, allowed this Pandora’s Box to bust wide open. Now, billions of people’s lives are disrupted and in danger, and as of writing this (Sunday 22 March 1321 CST), worldwide there were 338,104 Corona cases, 14,456 deaths with 96,958 people recovered. This breaks down to 226,690 active cases, with 216,392 people in mild condition with another 10,298 in serious or critical condition. The following website keeps an updated worldwide and by country, running tally of the infection:

There is no doubt this is serious, but like I said, the bigger issue to me, the elephant in the room so to speak, is that this act has seen many American’s 401Ks take significant hits as world markets tumble. Billions of dollars have been lost within weeks. So, the real question that follows is what is the world going to do about it? My guess, nothing. Hey, the world knows China is running concentration camps in their country today and is doing nothing:

Ethiopian nomads are dying by the thousands by a mystery illness in a region currently being drilled for natural gas by the Chinese company Poly-GCL since 2014 ( and the Chinese recently threatened the US Navy with an EMP attack in the South China Sea (

17/china-threatens-emp-attack-south-china-sea/). No, the feckless U.N. and the rest of world is not going to do anything. They never do. There will more to come on this in the future.

Things the Corona outbreak have proven beyond a doubt:

1. Reliance on China, or any other country for our pharmaceuticals is ridiculous and needs to stop.

2. Idea of open borders with people entering the country without any screening is more ridiculous. Can you imagine the damage 3,000 bio-terror bombs (uh, infected people) could inflict if allowed open access into the country? Yeah, I know. They just wanted a better life, right?

3. People fighting for toilet paper shows exactly how dangerous people can be in a crisis. Imagine a real national disaster with food and water shortages. No, I think I will keep my guns handy. And no, that is no typo. There is an “s” on the end of the word, “gun.”

CROOKED POLITICIANS: Since I am running out of room, this will be just a short note. It appears that several of our illustrious politicians, upon receiving a classified briefing of the impending Corona world global financial meltdown, sold millions of dollars in stock in order to protect their portfolios but without warning the American people. Those in question, not surprising are claiming innocence and of course I do not believe them. One guy reportedly told a group of investors and friends after hearing the classified briefing. If this is true, I won’t say what should happen but to get an idea, watch the last 15 minutes of the movie, A Tale of Two Cities. I have attended hundreds of classified briefings in my day and the catch phrase is always, “A need to know.” People who have a need to know are privy to some interesting information. In this case, since this information affected all Americans, I think we should all have been given the same information when they received it. “But, Rob, that would have caused a wild panic.” Okay, so we’ll just let the political elites keep their wealth. After all, they are so important.

There will be more on this for sure. But the culprits, no names for now but you can look them up, are on both sides of the aisle. And if it is true that they used this information directly for their benefit, shared classified information with those without requisite clearances, they and whomever they informed,

likewise benefiting by this information, which is illegal by the way, should . . .

Just watch the movie.


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gdarryl writes:

Great article Rob. It is thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing your views and the additional links. I can't believe people have every believed China's reported number of cases, or that they really care about the U.S. or the rest of the world. Keep writing and speaking my friend.