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Land That I Love: Restoring Our Christian Heritage

This wonderful book written by The Alabama Gazette’s own Bobbie Ames is hot off the press! Order your copy today and help keep this nation’s history alive for future generations! In the words of the Publishers, Jerry & Gail Nordskog, “I can tell you that this book is desperately needed in our time in our beloved America. Wait until you see the entire book in your hands, and then read the astounding pages inside.”

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Alabama Gazette Endorsement

Mrs. Bobbie Ames has been our close friend at The Alabama Gazette for over a dozen years. Her monthly rumination in our publication on the spiritual history and spiritual course of our nation, that forms the contents of this book, serves as a beacon of wisdom, hope, and love in an era when many have been uninformed or misinformed as to the greatness of this country, its Founding Fathers, and the ongoing spiritual struggles that confront our Christian society today.

Bobbie’s erudite collection of prose will serve humanity, and more specifically, the Christian community, for generations to come. We at the Gazette are humbled and honored that Bobbie chose our publication to share some of her greatest treatises. Bobbie undoubtedly stands as one of the foremost Christian writers of this or any generation.

God Bless Bobbie and all who read Land That I Love. You will not be the same person when you finish it. May this book make a lasting change in our world, in our community, and in your heart.

—Loretta Grant, Samuel Adams, Owners & Publishers, along with the staff of The Alabama Gazette


$19.95 ~ With the gracious forcefulness of a true Southern lady, Bobbie Ames confronts us with our current societal dilemma, traces its development, reminds us of our compelling history at God’s Hand, and leads us toward the solution to the recovery of America’s great heritage. This overview of four hundred years of American spiritual struggle and victory should grace every home and educational institution, to read and re-read for decades to come.


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