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The Oppression Continues

As I am writing this (mid-May, 2020), the American people are still suffering from the sanctions that our governors, mayors and other authorities have imposed onto them and the U. S. economy. Unfortunately, most of us are still ignorant of the catastrophic, long-term consequences.

At this time, it is impossible to calculate the final cost. But people who are knowledgeable about economics can understand that this three-month shutdown of much of our business will total in the trillions of dollars. (The latest estimate I have seen so far is sixteen trillion, but if things don’t open up quickly, this figure could jump much higher.) When the dust finally settles, perhaps two or three years later, most people will begin to understand that this massive and needless combination of overreach and abuse from multiple government perpetrators will reveal itself as the greatest act of world-wide treason and forced economic suicide in history.

For centuries, we have had epidemics, both great and small, and we have gone through them with little long-term consequences. Somehow this year, for the first time ever, governments all over the world, including ours, have imposed unprecedented abuses onto their populations that are violating civil rights and destroying economies everywhere.

Chuck Baldwin, rightfully, called this outlandish overreaction “the greatest con job against our Constitution and Bill of Rights…. These unconstitutional and dictatorial lockdowns and shutdowns must never be allowed to happen again…. We must make the motto, ‘Never Again.’”

What will be the consequences of this outrage? I doubt that even one person in ten is aware of the grave catastrophe that will soon sweep all over the world.

For starters, think about what happens when economies shut down. First, people lose their jobs and end up with no incomes to support themselves. Next, the production of goods and services quickly diminishes, resulting in serious shortages. Next, with few people producing income, tax revenues plummet, which means there is no money to assist the masses of unemployed and provide other essential services. And finally, social unrest can balloon to the point of riots and even a civil war—a “Mad Max” scenario that nobody would even want to imagine.

Instead of thousands of people dying, the death toll could run into the millions.

Even if we open up everything and go immediately back to normal, several years might be needed for our economy to fully recover. But if we drag these roadblocks several more months into the future, like California is planning, a full recovery might take decades, if ever.

So what would have happened if we had never implemented any of these sanctions? Some people would jump up and scream that thousands more people would die from the “dreaded” COVID-19. Yes, a few more might die, but throughout our history of past epidemics, we have survived and recovered. We could have done it this year if our government “leaders” had enough common sense to withhold foolish actions and had left it up to the people to decide for themselves how much “safety” they wanted and allowed them to carry on their businesses and lifestyles unimpeded.

Instead, our foolish, power-hungry politicians demanded impossible sacrifices, and large masses of people, at least at first, obediently followed their orders like a swarm of lemmings and marched into the sea of destruction and despair.

Today, thankfully, more people are resisting. A week or two of “stay at home” with no income, no recreation, and no travel can be managed. But extend that to several months, while rent, bills, debts and other obligations pile up, the majority of us will suffer irreparable losses. Jobs, homes, families, goods and services, and even lives can be destroyed.

Paul Noel, a registered nurse at Huntsville, Alabama, had this to say: “The current situation is being defaulted to try to save all sick persons. The problem is that it is being done at the expense of society as a whole to even survive. By not making a decision to go back to work, we are condemning millions of our fellow citizens to DEATH by starvation. That is already threatening to be much more of a killer than COVID-19 could ever be.

“This is the choice of opening up. Yes people will die. Yes, it will be rough. But if we don’t open up, the situation will begin more with each passing day to kill thousands, then millions of people as we fail to support our people. The claim of ‘non essential jobs’ is a lie. The lifeguard at the beach isn’t essential? We can close the beach, but when we do, we end his LIFE! When we tell people not to go on vacations, we do the same thing for those who run hotels and make meals, etc. THERE ARE NO NONESSENTIAL JOBS! ALL JOBS ARE ESSENTIAL. This is why freedom is worth dying for, for without it there is no LIFE.”

Jon Michael Sakamoto wrote: “The longer we lock down, the more permanent the damage to our economy becomes…. Everybody needs that to live, right? So what happens when our supply chain closes down? We starve! Our kids’ educations… part of the economy. Our military, law enforcement, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps. What about the fuel we need to run our vehicles and provide power to our homes? What happens when that goes away? Every government program is funded by the government’s ability to tax. But if there is no income to tax, what then…. So… it’s not that we think it’s ok to open the country again; it’s that we realize that not to open back up is certain death for millions!”

Steve McCann said: “Hundreds of thousands of businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy and permanent closure. 33+ million are unemployed; many are forced against their will to be dependent on government largess… A thriving economy, the kind we are now destroying, is the source of our security, the financing of our health care system and our children’s future. Without it, this nation as we know it will cease to exist.”

So how do we deal with the Coronavirus? We do it the same way we have dealt with the flu (and all other epidemics) in the past. We let the people decide how to take care of themselves, and LEAVE THEM ALONE. Government mandates are NEVER the solution.

The ONLY SOLUTION TODAY is to IMMEDIATELY STOP the lockdowns, “stay at homes,” shutdowns and all other mandates that have been imposed and let the people return to their jobs and everyday activities.


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