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Special Event!

FREE Sack Lunch at the Curb!

Tuesday, October 13th

11:30 am – 1 pm

Join us at 12 East Jefferson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104 as The Alabama Gazette Celebrates 21 Years of publishing with sack lunches provided by That’s My Dog !

This year we are GIVING BACK and any donation will benefit That’s My Child!

Stop by or drive-up to The Alabama Gazette on Tuesday, October 13, and we will gladly hand you a FREE sack lunch while they last! Will include hotdog, chips, drink and dessert as our way of thanking the public for 21 wonderful years!

We are excited to partner with That’s My Dog! The students of That’s My Child! are excited about this opportunity to meet members of the community and would appreciate everyone’s support!

Students will be at the curb happily handing out sack lunches. Please wear your masks and practice social distancing!

Don’t miss out on a FREE lunch! First-come, first-serve!

TMC – That’s My Child! is a local youth foundation, founded in 2012, by Montgomery resident Charles Lee. TMC is all about planning for our teens futures and also for the well-being and togetherness of our community. TMC will create and organize projects related to skills, talents, intellect and professionalism. TMC hosts approximately 2-3 local community service projects and fundraisers per month in which the teens will participate. In return for the teens’ hard work, TMC! will make many talent and skills programs available to them. All of this is free of charge. That’s right. It’s free. The teens pay nothing. Among other classes and programs, TMC offers: dance programs, vocal programs, professionalism and preparedness classes, scholastic tutoring, and health and fitness classes. We have continued to add skill and talent classes during our growth. Mr. Lee has hand selected the finest adult mentors and instructors for these programs. TMC encourages teens to make wise choices and embrace their youth by providing these activities in an attempt to help them spend their time constructively, rather than becoming involved with gangs, crimes and other wrongdoings. TMC will help develop and prepare teens to enter adulthood and be prepared for life’s challenges. TMC wants to help create model citizens for a brighter future in Montgomery. TMC encourages our members to become responsible and work toward their goals by providing an outlet from life’s hardships.

Visit That’s My Dog and That’s My Child at 2414 Lower Wetumpka Rd, Montgomery, AL 36110.


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