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Bits & pieces 10.0

Here I go with yet another installment of “Bits and Pieces.”

1. For the past several years, during our wedding anniversary week, my wife and I like to go down to Destin, Florida and stay at the Henderson-Salamander Resort and Spa for four to five days. We love it down there. From their private beach to the other plentiful amenities, we will likely continue going there every year for the foreseeable future. We have even gone there in December just to see how they decorate for Christmas. I highly recommend the Henderson and no I do not have any stock or other vested interests there.

Well this year, as my wife and I were leaving, we stopped by the gift shop to talk with the manager who is just a wonderful person who always goes out of her way to make us feel at home. As we were talking to Ellen, we mentioned “Montgomery” and a young lady spoke up and said she too was from the Gump. We all talked as she waited for her husband to come in. After several minutes, in walks Mayor Reed. Although he was wearing the required mask, his distinctive eyes were a dead giveaway. “Hey, you’re Mayor Reed!” I just wanted to say that both he and his wife are two exceptionally kind, gracious and genuine people. My wife and I took to both of them immediately. Although he didn’t have to, we stayed and talked for close to 10 minutes before we had to hit the road to come home. Not once did we talk deep politics, that was not the time nor place, but just talked about life in Montgomery and the surrounding areas.

I just wanted to say that this was the most pleasant of surprises for both my wife and me. Thank you, Mayor and Mrs. Reed for being so open and friendly. Now onto the business at hand.

2. Biden Picks Harris. Okay, I am going to be honest. I don’t like the ticket but, in a way, I do because I hope it thoroughly buries the Democratic chances of a November victory. I am not about to get into some of the horrible things I have heard thrown about dealing with Harris’ character. I am going to leave that up to others. There is enough mud slinging already. But here is a certain reality as I see it. The moment Biden picked Harris, she rolled out her old notebook and started the initial vetting process for her Vice-President.

“What do you mean, Rob?” Easy. I have mentioned this in earlier Robservations but I do not believe Biden is mentally fit to be President. I am not knocking him, mocking him or being mean spirited, but I honestly believe he has significant cognitive issues that should disqualify him from running. Just listen to the man anytime he goes off script or teleprompter. It is a train wreck, and I honestly feel sorry for him since I believe he is being used and manipulated by his Party. I think they know he is mentally unfit for office but is still more viable than any other Democrats that were in the running.

What I feel is going to happen is this. Should the Democrats somehow manage to defeat President Trump in November, I predict that within Biden’s first year in office, he is going to be deemed “unfit” to continue serving, he will be forced to step down and Kamala Harris will be the next President of the United States. Even if Biden finishes his first year, I am willing to wager a large Oreo Blizzard that he will not complete four years. It ain’t gonna happen. So, I think people need to think this one through. A vote for Joe is a definite vote for Kamala as POTUS. If they have no problem with that, have at it. The thought of her and her extreme leftist views at the helm of our country is a scary proposition. I see this as a definite outcome if Biden wins the White House.

There is certainly no shortage of Harris’ extreme leftist political shenanigans to demonstrate her unworthiness for the highest office in the land. For just one example, look at how Harris tried to persecute Pro-Life citizen journalists and founders for the Center for Medical Progress, Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted baby parts. She used her power to punish two American citizens who did nothing illegal but simply opposed the murderous organization that had conveniently contributed some $81,000 to her political future. Quite despicable stuff actually by someone abusing their power. Just look up the links.


3. Any bets on whether there will actually be any Presidential debates? My vote is still that there will be no debates and if so, only one or two and they will be tightly scripted and full of those big softball questions like Donna Brazile passed ahead of time to Hillary Clinton during the last debate election cycle. Either that or the conditions for a debate will be so ridiculous that President Trump will refuse to agree to the terms and then the press will argue that it was Trump who refused to debate. To be honest, I really hope I completely out to lunch here. I truthfully want to see a spirited debate between the two and may the best man win.

4. By now, I am certain most of the people who read the Gazette have heard the story of five-year-old Cannon Hinnant who was shot in the head by his next-door neighbor Darius Sessoms. Okay, I am going to throw this out there but yes, Cannon was White and Darius was Black. This story is disturbing on absolutely every single level. As the story has been reported, Cannon was riding his bike and playing with his two sisters when he rode onto Mr. Sessoms lawn.

Obviously, this affront was so disturbing that Sessoms walked outside and shot Cannon in the head. Yeah, you read this right. A 25-year-old man was so butt-hurt by a little kid riding onto his lawn that of course the only logical thing to do was murder him.

This story has bothered me almost every day since it happened. But in addition to the obvious evil on display, there is further evil promulgated by the press. Let me ask, how many times have any of you heard this mentioned on the television more than maybe two or three times if at all? I watch our local news every night before I go to bed (not going to mention which one), and I can honestly say I heard this mentioned there only one time. Maybe I stepped out of the room the other times but I can tell you I heard the name George Floyd mentioned just about 72 bezillion times over the past several months. If you can imagine this, I have mentioned this story to lots of people who had never heard of it. I am sad to admit that I was talking to my sister just yesterday, mentioned this story and she had never once heard of it. Not once and she lives up in New Jersey.

Here’s one for you from the world of CNN. I saw it as a meme on Facebook and thought, “No way in Heck this is real.” I searched and yes, I found it.

Here’s the link.

In reporting this story, the title reads, “A 25-year-old man has been charged in the shooting death of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant.” “What’s so bad about that, Rob?” Glad you asked. Well, right underneath the title, they show a picture of a man. That man happens to be Cannon’s father; not Sessoms. If you read further down you will find a picture of the murdering dirtbag but if all you are doing is skimming the headlines, you will walk away thinking Cannon’s father, a White man, is the murderer. Pretty shady stuff here.

In addition to the deafening silence of media crickets, I have also come across some pretty foul Facebook memes from the ultra-classy and always tolerant Leftist punks running amok in our country. One from a nurse in Boston put a picture of Cannon on his bike and wrote along the lines of, “Free Bike. My friend no longer needs it. Good condition but has some red stains on it.” Another cretin wrote that it was justifiable to kill him as payback for slavery. More to come I am sure.

5. Where is this country headed? I for one am sick of this crap. In today’s America, some serious battle lines are being drawn by people who really don’t want to be drawing those lines. They really don’t. They may think they do, but they don’t. Every day now I am seeing videos of people getting beat up, assaulted and even killed because of either their skin color or their political affiliation. I am not going to call out anybody but EVERYONE reading this knows exactly which is the guilty side.

From tearing down monuments and statues regardless of what they are to the overall “cancel culture” that is polluting the minds of our young and destroying this country, people are increasingly finding themselves on one side of the fence or the other. It is no longer cool to engage in political discourse and go your own way. Now if you disagree with someone, (yes, generally a leftist), you may find yourself in a fist fight or worse. Just wearing a red baseball cap is enough to send them spiraling violently out of control. At one level for example, BLM stands for something I can get behind. But I believe ALM, All Lives Matter. In July, an Indianapolis woman was killed by BLM members for saying All Lives Matter. whitaker-shot-dead-indianapolis-all-lives-matter-20200713



In another Robservation, I will write my thoughts on ANTIFA, BLM and NFAC as well as some other groups on the other side of the fence. The bottom line is that this divide in the country, which I believe is intentionally orchestrated, is not getting better. When Trump crushes Biden in November, I think all of us have to be prepared for the unrest that is certain to come. What we are looking at today is nothing.

I saw this online today: I love it.









This is something I can get behind.


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