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For this reason I take a knee

Third & Final part

Part one opened with Apostle Paul’s caveat in Ephesians to not be faint in tribulation and his cause/reason for kneeling to God in Truth and Love. Part two opened with excerpts provided by fellow Alabama Gazette columnist John Taylor from his book Union at All Costs to help illustrate ‘Judas rhetoric’ cloaking the avarice of ‘America’s deadliest president.’ My third and final part is a plea to rise above this rhetoric which has put far too great a burden on Black lives these past several score; indeed a terrible legacy. Hopefully, it is not too late for the nation to understand they’ve been on the wrong side of history. It would’ve been much wiser fighting qualified immunity, federal hegemony and crony capitalism to champion market competition these past several score instead of advocating more failed ‘radical egalitarian’ command policies/programs and destroying monuments in the spirit of ‘presentism.’

Progressives will always search for the ripe (zeitgeist) fruit of the moment to usurp more power, rights and freedom from citizens.

The 1770s tree of Liberty was nurtured and well rooted in the formidable years to be prolific. All trees have a life cycle and bear less fruit when harshly constrained and heavily victimized by parasites. Stewards of our tree have been lazy at best and greedy harvesters with little concern for their posterity at worst. Worry about the next iteration progressives will pillage as the low hanging fruit disappears and the tree grows more sickly and weak. Tear down monuments to Carver for helping the whites or not being revolutionary enough? Or ripping down Martin Luther King for his allegiance to God and Scripture failing to yield on homosexuality as sin? (FTR, I consider myself of similar sin not bringing a child into this world.) Rip down a Grant monument as slave owner and anti-Semite?

I doubt ignorant protestors know this about ‘Lincoln’s general’ and if they did, Grant would be safe among ‘leviathanists’ who champion big govt. as the blue parasites, very unhappy red parasites are currently doing better.

Trump aids & abets violent/unlawful protestors calling them ‘anarchists,’ not that I think someone of Trump’s intellect knows what words like anarchy and leviathan mean or educated in any useful, classical Greek during his ‘Ivey League’ indoctrination. Furthermore, I don’t expect most to make a distinction between the genuine BLM protestor trying to curb tyranny and hegemony from those trying to redistribute wealth in their favor. Looting begets more looting. Most of the places displaying the worst unrest are victims of command and control economics via tax breaks, subsidized over-development, eminent domain abuse, etc. Some of those honestly protesting today are protestors who tried to stop ‘legal looting’ these past years knowing the end it inevitably generates.

This all plays well with the ‘dumb masses,’ specifically the blue and red soviet base activists/voters. It is impossible for me to ever take President Trump seriously again after he feebly tried to reconcile the thugs who descended on Charlottesville carrying swastikas, torches and chanting ‘The Jews will not replace us’ with the Battle flag Confederate soldiers fought and died under to stop

Republican hegemony. The German National Socialist and Southern States Confederate are polar opposites. I understand Trump ‘kissing the 50 star federal flag’ and Lincoln idolatry while defending Confederate names on Army bases. Worries about federalized soldiers from northern states (some may recall this for the Spanish-American War) being excepted as less threatening travelling to or garrisoned in a base named after a Confederate general is no longer an issue. Most are far too poorly educated to understand the issue of [Art. 3, sec. 3] treason today and I’d guess most of those generals would be mortified their namesake was used on a base for federal troops given what the government(s) evolved into, as some Confederate generals correctly forecasted.

Nathan Bedford Forrest (more defamed than usual in the press today) is unlikely to ever have a base named after him. He fought Republican voter suppression of his soldiers and fought against federal occupation. He was unflappable, revered and successful in most forms of combat. When the progressives started to take over the KKK and it got too violent for an honourable soldier to accept in his country he held dear, Forrest was the larger than life individual who brought about disbanding the initial KKK. He loved his Black Confederate soldiers and Blacks in the South turned to him for help against the Republican robber barons and Railroads discriminating against them. Gen. Forrest’s funeral was attended in excess of ten thousand, a third were black.

Understandably they would fear the progressives (claiming to care) held less in check with men like Beauregard and Forrest gone. Terrorism begets more terrorism. As most readers know, progressives would reassemble stronger, with more virulent results, the most cited high watermark of the KKK was 1922 with some of their stronghold states NORTH of the Mason-Dixon Line. The most used flag I’ve observed in the historical record of the Klan is the 48 Star US not the Confederate Battle-flag.

Understandably black voters had the good sense to jettison the Republican Party as they realized the ‘Judas rhetoric’ being used as cover for Republican avarice became clearer over time. The Democratic Party (for the productive, freedom loving black citizen) was no improvement as they embraced progressive white supremacy, sterilization, etc. instead of Beauregard type coalitions advocated during reconstruction. Beauregard was an early proponent of equal rights for all races in the Louisiana unification movement. This movement was a coalition made up of prominent white and black New Oleanders promoting integrated schools, public places, and transportation, and voting rights for black men, two years before Congress’ Civil Rights Act of 1875. “I am persuaded that the natural relation between the white and colored people is that of friendship,” Beauregard proclaimed in an 1873 address published in The New Orleans Republican and The Daily Picayune. “I am persuaded their interests are identical; that their destinies in this state, where the two races are equally divided, are linked together; and that there is no prosperity for Louisiana which must not be the result of their cooperation.” Little wonder why the current Mayor of New Orleans wants someone of this character and integrity removed from memorials and history.

Once allowed voting rights, more effort was put in to block the ballot to reduce righteous candidates to vote for and limit Congress so the sort of politicians progressives wanted would control the House and be increasingly less representative of the population. Hyper-gerrymandering to pack Black voters (and others undesirable to progressives who could make a difference on the margin) into one district has been most effective. Of course, do not expect a ‘freedom, liberty and/or justice suffrage’ movement to begin anytime soon. I know it is in vogue to shrill the ‘go vote’ chant, but vote for who… big govt. Biden (with mass incarceration, drug warrior Harris) or big govt. democrat (now donning the Republican moniker) Trump? Sorry, I can’t vote for either and face my God. Please stop asking to support blue or red demons. I realise BOTH of them work for the same boss.

I also can not imagine my God looking favourably upon a nation of States which allows what we’ve witnessed done to George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN to Heyward Shepherd in Harpers Ferry, VA, without a course correction back toward a noble, virtuous path. The time is long overdue to take burden of Judas rhetoric off the backs of our righteous, patient black brothers and sisters. Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation(s) gave nothing to those blacks already emancipated (some by their own efforts) but the long suffering, heavy baggage of a war fought to accomplish wealth transfers militarily (Lincoln failed to deliver politically) was somehow really fought to ‘free’ them. Sadly, many of my freshman and sophomore students (most a product of govt. schools) were adamant no free Blacks existed until after Lincoln’s emancipation.

To those Blacks who were emancipated by the federal proclamation (instead of in the years to come as remaining States enacted their emancipation laws or taken to other places in the Americas to be emancipated in the 1880s) one can argue if the baggage of our deadliest president has been worth the legacy cost of this ‘Judas rhetoric.’ To those wanting to keep this legacy cost alive, I say ENOUGH! End the lie and madness. “Speak the truth and shame the devil,” as Anthony Hervey said at the Birmingham monument five years ago just before he was killed - free Blacks had already earned their freedom; those not yet free were close to earning it without being used as rhetoric to cloak avarice.

Traditional Yankees I applaud, who fought for freedom and independence morphed into modern Yankees becoming the hegemonic mercantilist they once despised in England. More recently the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party which began with Black members was taken over by traditional (big govt. conservative) Republicans and died. I asked the Republicans to stick with their Party as they clearly were not advocates of low taxation/limited govt. They understood what they doing – killing a movement which was becoming a threat. The Black Lives Matter movement in their righteous founding against brutality and murder (sadly, many police are victims of enforcing redistributive laws inflaming citizens instead of working the justice promoting task of protecting life, liberty and peaceful/voluntary exchange of property) will also be co-opted by the deleterious big govt. leviathanists if history is any guide. Our politburo cannot let just movements survive – it is indeed a matter of life and death.

Liberty is among the most costly and elusive commodities in our hegemonic, increasingly less perfect union.

So when you see me take a knee for the Black Lives Matter movement, I pray you understand it is in the Spirit of what it represents to me as a servant of God doing my best to follow the path of Jesus to a better world.Similarly, when I sing the National Anthem it is not for what we’ve become, but knowing the Spirit of that 15 Star/15 Stripe flag is still somewhere in that 50 Star flag of corruption and hegemony. It amazes me after so many people of good character I’ve been blessed to know of all ages, colours, gender, races, religions, etc. in my life; most seem comfortable separating themselves from the blessing of knowing others outside their norm. Last column I wrote: The last two anthems/songs I’d publicly sung are “Lift ev’ry heart and sing” at Church and “Dixie” at a SCV meeting may make me the strangest citizen in all Alabama.

If that means there will be mostly white folks I hold dear at SCV, Southern Culture Center and ‘Breakfast club’ meetings and mostly black folks I also hold dear at Church, Lee County Voters League & Youth Organisation and NAACP meetings – I’ll take it ‘lumpy’ if I must. Black Lives Matter in MY life – it is that simple. Just because others are fools to eliminate a huge block of fellow citizens who I know include souls of similar Joy and Spirit doesn’t mean I’m also willing to be a fool of this sort. I am a long time admitted and humble fool for Jesus, the cause/reason I take a knee…


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