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The Rally of January 6

Today’s American people who are well informed can have no difficulty understanding that Donald Trump has been one of our most patriotic presidents in recent years. But because “The Donald” had refused to go along with our current corrupt elected and appointed officials and fought the Deep State with everything he had, the so-called “mainstream” news media and certain portions of our population have literally crucified him in their efforts to shame and defeat him on all fronts.

The latest act of vengeance against our President has been the usurpation of his final political rally before leaving office. About a million Trump allies had gathered in front of our Capitol to show their support and wish him well.

All through the morning, the crowd grew larger, from across Constitution Avenue and back to the Washington Monument and side streets. The people strolled around, listened to speakers, waved their flags, and sang the National Anthem. For an hour, President Trump delivered a compelling speech addressing the details of the previous election fraud. When the call of nature interrupted them, they stood in lines at the available toilets to continue listening. The rally was organized and peaceful. Everybody was having a good time and behaving themselves.

But quietly, a darker side was preparing to upset the peaceful assembly. In the early afternoon, teams of bused in Antifa and other violent, Trump-hating insurgents who had disguised themselves by wearing MAGA caps and Trump T-shirts and carrying patriotic flags like everybody else, mingled with the crowd and worked their way toward the Capitol’s entrance, right up to the barriers that the police had erected to prevent entry.

Oddly, the police did essentially nothing to stop them. Instead, they removed some of the barriers and allowed them to go through with no resistance. In other areas, usurpers climbed the walls surrounding the Capitol. The police made essentially no effort to defend it.

About a hundred people or more walked through the front door and made their way inside. The imbedded radicals’ objective was to invade the House and Senate chambers and disrupt the hearings taking place and to generally make nuisances of themselves. Some smashed the windows on doors and committed other vandalism.

Law enforcement officials across the country were stunned by the blatant failure of the security around the Capitol – some saying they were “entirely unprepared” and “embarrassing.” Carmen Best, former Seattle police chief, watched the mayhem on TV and exclaimed, “I was wondering, where were the cops?” Even NBC News admitted it was shocking.

Four people died during the mayhem – three from medical issues and a fourth that was shot, some believe, by a Chuck Schumer security guard.

The so-called “mainstream” news media had their field day. They reported that the Trump supporters were rioting. Even worse, they insisted that President Trump had incited the riot, even though, instead, he was trying to calm the people down. But of course, the insurgents were not calming down. They were faux supporters who were doing all they could to exacerbate the violence.

The media intensified their reporting to claim that Trump was committing insurrection. Even Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube added fuel to the fire by shutting down Trump’s accounts, thus helping to prevent him from telling the truth about what really happened.

One fact that must be noted is that the one or two hundred rioters were a tiny percentage of the estimated million people who were present. In spite of the weak security, very little damage was done. When the police finally ordered the huge crowd to disperse three hours later, it promptly departed and left the grounds litter-free.

That was a sharp contrast to the violent demonstrations in Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle, where huge mobs set fires, destroyed property, looted and vandalized businesses, spray-painted vile graffiti onto monuments, shot and stabbed counter-protesters, and even bashed police officers on their heads with concrete blocks. Why did the same media report these incidents as “peaceful”? How much longer can we tolerate this Orwellian doublespeak?

On January 13, the House Democrats (a majority) wasted no time as they unanimously voted to impeach President Trump – for a second time, even though he had only seven days remaining in office. Ten RINO Republicans joined them. CNN displayed, “Trump impeached for inciting deadly attack on Capitol.” In its January 18th issue, Time magazine published a four page spread, “Trump Supporters Besiege the Capitol,” beginning it with, “A mob whipped up by the President...”

What happened to the security devices that we have had in the Capitol for many years – the walk-through detectors, ID checkpoints, scanners, and other devices that we must pass whenever we enter any courthouse or similar facility? What happened to the personnel that manned them? Why weren’t these common sense measures taken this time? Why?

Why were the police so lax in defending the Capitol? Had some of them been Antifa impersonating police? That might have been probable except for one thing: Just one day before the rally, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had told federal law enforcement at the Capitol to stand down. Obviously, the police were ordered not to stop the mob.

There is only one logical answer: The incredibly powerful Deep State has embedded its tentacles into almost all aspects of our lives. It has asserted itself as our master, and that we are its subjects. It is in control of our government, our elections, our business, our money, our law enforcement, our health care, our travel around the world, our recreation, and just about everything else we do.

After last year’s fraud-ridden election, this year’s rally, and the almost immediate impeachment of one who dared to buck the “system,” our hopes to restore liberty, truth, justice, and the American way are drifting far out of reach.


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OldCrow writes:

Thank you for this description of the events of 6 January, Mr. Martin. We knew in general, but it's good to hear the specifics.