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The January 6 Capitol riot was a despicable display of anger and ignorance.

For many it was also an orchestrated attempt to further demean and neuter Trump and his 75-million-plus supporters. A perfectly timed distraction ceased the roll call certification and challenge of states, which contested not only errors but more importantly the outright alleged fraud (via mail in ballots, voter machine manipulation, Silicon Valley and other malefactors in key precincts and states to reverse an apparent Trump victory in the 2020 election.

The riot, not an insurrection, led the House Democrats to orchestrate an impeachment of someone who was no longer in office. (Note, the punishment for a conviction of impeachment is ONLY the removal from office, see U.S. Constitution, Article 2 section 4 and Article 1, section 3, clause 7)

The Senate, unable to secure the required 2/3 majority, failed in its attempt to convict former President Trump of inciting the riot which led to the storming of the Capitol. The House Democrats brought this second impeachment charge without calling witnesses or producing evidence of Trump's actions, but instead chopped together footage of fools and infiltrators behaving badly.

Here is a link to the Impeachment Document and the vote of not guilty:

Within Article One, Incitement of Insurrection, offered by the House of Representatives is a curious juxtaposition of comments. On the one hand, it says Trump uttered "false claims" about the election when in reality no court allowed Trump's lawyers to present any facts before a judge or jury to support his claims. Conversely, this Impeachment Article clearly states that Trump supporters breached the Capitol and “killed law enforcement personnel,” the most grave and heinous action within the Article.

That statement of fact as proffered by the House managers is totally FALSE.

So who really died at the Capitol that dark day or later because of it?

Here is the list of names of those seven who died that the media has repeatedly assigned blame to Trumps call to fight for the truth.

1. Ashli Babbitt, 35, Trump supporter, California, unarmed going through a Capitol window. (name of policeman who shot her has yet to be disclosed)

2. Benjamin Phillips, 50, Trump supporter, Pennsylvania, stroke, never near the Capitol

3. Kevin Greeson, 55, Trump supporter, Alabama, heart attack near but not in Capitol, media falsely repeatedly stated he tasered himself

4. Roseanne Boyland, 34, Trump supporter, Georgia, trampled in the

Capitol, but no autopsy has been released to confirm cause of death

5. Jeffery Smith, 35, Capitol Police, suicide, nine days after riot

6. Howard Liebengood, 51, Capitol Police, suicide three days after riot

7. Brian Sicknick, 42, Virginia, Capitol Police, death at hospital following a stroke a day after the riots. NO AUTOPSY RELEASED. BODY CREMATED. (very unusual protocol for a murder investigation), SICKNICK DID NOT DIE IN THE CAPITOL AS A RESULT OF INJURIES FROM A THROWN FIRE EXTINGUISHER as has been widely reported and repeated by the internet and media, i.e. NYT, CNN, USA Today. Surveillance cameras in the Capitol provide indisputable evidence Sicknick had no cuts or abrasions, and no fire extinguisher hit him during the melee. In fact, Sicknick spoke to a family member that night at his office without complaint, telling his elder brother he felt fine according to 2/27 issue of the Daily Mail. Subsequently, like Phillips and Greeson, it appears Sicknick had a medical event causing him to be rushed to the hospital and subsequently die.

The wording in the Impeachment petition alleging Trump supporters killed law enforcement personnel was not true, but, either by intention or by ignorance, nevertheless published and embraced by the Democrats and Never-Trumper Republicans. Certain law enforcement personnel appear to have been guilty of circulating false narratives of Sicknick's cause of death and the House appears as complicit in promoting them. (One wonders about the two “suicides.” Are they related in some way to this false narrative? It strikes some odd that with only the best, most stable personnel selected to serve as Capitol Police, and with all the physical and psychological tests one must pass, that these two men committed suicide because of a riot situation less severe than the ones seen across the country in 2020. (See Hillary and Vince, the story of love, death and cover up by Dean Arnold, 2016)

For example, The Memorandum in Support of Impeachment states as a matter of fact on page 29 of Part 1, “The insurrectionists killed a Capitol Police officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher.” A footnote used as a fact source was Marc Santoras, a writer for the New York Times, article of January 8. But almost a month after the article, on February 2, the House Manager included this falsehood, as “fact” even though it had been proven false and discredited by numerous sources including the deceased’s family.

The sad death of Officer Sicknick appears to be not as a result of injuries from the riot, but proved to be fodder for those wanting to destroy Trump. No suspects have been arrested. No medical examiner has even announced a determination that it was a homicide. No autopsy has been released. But, House leaders in an effort to legitimize a false attack against Trump rushed to have Sicknick lie-in-state to further inflame tensions. He is only the 5th person to do so, creating a bubble of invulnerability from examination or attack. Here is the link to the Impeachment Related Publications, specifically, Part I: See also, President Trump's defense teams response at this link. One lawyer on his team, David Shoen, practices here in Montgomery.

We may never discover who shot Ashli Babbitt. Had the police killing of the unarmed civilian named Babbitt been under normal circumstances, the policeman's name and background would be on the front page of the NYT and possibly vilified for shooting an unarmed veteran. But these are strange times indeed. Sinclair Lewis won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his novel, Babbitt, where his main character, George Babbitt, attempts to break the bonds of what we today call a “cancel culture of conformity.” Ashli Babbitt may also one day be recognized for attempting to be a non-conformist unto death in this increasingly Babbitt-world.


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