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Blue Skies and Black Masks

Before I get started, this has been an interesting time for yours truly. In September 2018, I had rotator cuff surgery here in Montgomery. It didn’t go so well. Then I had another. Same thing only worse. Then I went to Andrews Sports Medicine in Birmingham and met a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Benton Emblom. Let’s just say he fixed the previous problems and did what was told to me could not be done. Long story short, by the time this hits the press, I will be back flying. It has been a long 2½ year odyssey but I will be pushing jets around the sky after some requalification training. COVID has made the aviation world a much different animal than when I last saw it. But I am looking forward to getting back into the jet. Yay! Now on to the Robservation.

The Spiral Continues: Bits and Pieces 11

It is there for anyone to see. All you have to do is be intellectually honest with yourself. I am talking about so much insanity in our country right now. It seems as though everybody is immediately “triggered” to be offended by the most minute of infractions. Infractions that often do not even exist or back “in my days” would not have even registered as anything more than mild annoyance. Not today. People want to be angry; pissed off; offended and dare I say, “Butt hurt.” I do not have time for these people nor their PC agendas. The Bible said it right that in these days, what is righteous will be called evil and what is evil will be called righteous. As for the news, I intentionally avoid most of it these days. I generally read headlines from News Max or Breitbart and make up my own mind about events. Imagine that! I even watch my favorite WSFA with suspicion because I hate being led to what I should believe. I still like the professionalism of all the members of their team and their weather group is one of the best I have seen but too often I catch a definite slant in their reporting that makes me shake my head.

In today’s America, if someone disagrees with someone else, that person is a racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe, misogynist, or any other name you want to dream up. If I do not agree with transgender men (men becoming women specifically) competing with biological woman in sports, and I don’t, then people like me are considered by some to be closeminded Neanderthals. It has nothing to do with the logical argument that biological men should not be allowed to compete against biological women but rather choosing not to toe the PC line laid out before us. A disagreement with someone of another race does not instantly make you a racist. To some, however, apparently it does. If I explain something to a woman, I am not “mansplaining.” If I do not believe a transgendered male should get into the ring and beat the living snot out of a woman (as has happened), I am not transphobic but logical.

But anybody with an honest interest in our country can see some really troubling signs. Here we go with some blatant examples.

1. Tom Brady is Racist: This goes into the category of “You have got to be kidding me.” I wish I was making this up but unfortunately, you cannot. If someone told me Tom Brady was racist because people repeatedly reported hearing him say “The Word,” or watched him burn a cross on the 50-yard line, steeped in Klan regalia while holding a noose, I would say, “Yeah. Son of a gun, he’s a racist.” But no. You want to know why Tom Brady is racist? Do you really want to know? Brady is a racist because he beat Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl and during Black History Month to boot. Personally, I think his conservative views may have something to do with this.

No. I am not making this up. It is real. It is sad. It is stupid. It is no wonder the aliens probably fly past the Earth as if we were the dirtiest truck stop in the Galaxy. This story is so sad on absolutely every level. Here are just some comments from the link above. “If Tom Brady beats Patrick Mahomes during Black History Month then we have to double whatever we're demanding from reparations.” “I feel like it’s racist that Tom Brady beat Patrick Mahomes during Black History Month.” Another article,, and several others produced similar comments. At first, I thought it was a joke and while reading some comments, I believe some people were joking but for many misinformed people, sadly they were serious.

I want to ask myself if people can be this stupid and the unfortunate answer is, “Yes. Yes they can.” I was thinking of the possible scenario where I could have an intelligent and rational discussion with a person who thinks this way and I concluded that it would be virtually impossible. How do you discuss logic with someone who actually thinks it is racist for a white quarterback to lead his team to victory over a team whose quarterback is black? Look up the definition of “racism,” people and get back to me.

2. Last December, ex-NBA player Nate Robinson (black guy) decided he was tough enough to trade in his hoop duds for some gloves and enter the ring to test his skills at MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Then he stepped into the ring with Jake Paul (white guy). Not too long later, Robinson was face down and unconscious, kissing the canvas. The next day on the television show The Vice, host Cari Champion asked Paul if it was “racist to knock a black man out.” Not surprising, Paul responded that it was a “sh—ty question.” Why? Because it was. It was a horrible question. It was a stupid and inane question. Those city kids a couple of years ago playing the “knockout game” where they would find someone, usually of a different race, walk up to them on the street and punch them in the face trying to knock them out: that my friends is racism in action.

I am sitting here shaking my head. If you get a chance, watch the clip. It was an awesome knockout but how can somebody actually turn that situation into actual and not imagined racial intrigue and hate, I have no idea. Would they have asked Robinson if it was racist had he knocked out Jake Paul? Of course, they would not have. There are plenty of actual racist occurrences in our country that need to be handled. There is no need to create drama just to make someone feel good about themselves or to fan the flames of stupidity and ignorance. You know, when they would not let blacks play professional sports or even go to public colleges in the South, that was racism. Segregation in the military: racism. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: racism. Trail of Tears: racism. Jim Crow laws: racism. The list goes on. Brady and Paul defeating black opponents in the field of play; not racism. If you think it is then you . . . . Never mind.

3. President Biden. Clearly this will be an ongoing discussion as I move away from the discussion above. My prediction, however, still stands. By Christmas next year, Harris will be in the top seat and Biden will be put out to pasture. Even if I am wrong, I do not think he will make four years as POTUS.

I don’t think it was ever part of the grand plan. But for this Robservation (space constraints), all I am going to say is look up the following link: Or you can just Google something like “Biden Executive Actions.” This is a look at the 50 executive actions President Biden has signed thus far as of 25 February. Pretty bold for someone who believes one cannot lead through executive fiat. Twenty-two of those are direct reversals of Trump policies paving the way for another four years of Obama policies. Honestly, I agree with several of the actions, many unfortunately, Icannot support because many are purely anti-American. This is an important article (as well as others) and a chance for you to see exactly what the President has been up to. I will certainly be addressing many of these in the future.

I highly recommend reading them and update your search often as more seem to be added weekly. Some will have little effect on our daily lives while others are going to affect every single American deeply. More than the substance of all the Executive Actions, as a whole they give us a clearer picture of where this administration is headed in the way we are going to deal with the world. It shows us how they think. These actions in addition to President Biden’s reversal of the “America First” policies of the former administration being met with applause from socialist Europe, China and Iran is all you really need to know. If they are all happy, it is certainly not in our best interests. More to come.

In the closing scene of The Bridge on the River Kwai, one British officer stands looking at the recently destroyed bridge and the dead men strewn about, removes his hat and says, “Madness. Madness.” Here we are.


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