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The Double Standard has Completely Destroyed America's Trust in the Media

When completely unfounded and unverified accusations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Cavanagh came out of the blue, Senator Elizabeth Warren and other leading Democrats screamed, “They must be believed.” The left demanded an FBI investigation into decades old allegations. They held up the confirmation hearings from proceeding. They made speeches on the record from the Senate floor. They contended Cavanaugh was unfit for the court merely because of the accusations. Editorials were written nationwide on Justice Cavanagh’s unfitness for the court. White House reporters were relentless in demanding the President withdraw his nomination. No evidence was ever uncovered that gave credence to a single instance of inappropriate behavior on the Justice’s part. His family suffered tremendously during this ordeal. The Democrats and their allies in the press to this day have not apologized or written a retraction.

Fast forward to the 2020 Presidential Election. When Tara Reid made similar accusations against Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, not a word. No reason to believe her, she was making it up. She was exaggerating. The press and the Democratic Party came to his aid. Good ole Joe from Scranton could not have done anything inappropriate. Even with decades of video evidence showing Biden touching women and his obsession with smelling women’s hair; Joe could have never crossed the line. They were sure of it. No editorial outrage against good ole Joe. He must be believed. The story just faded away.

They are at it again. The Democratic poster boy for excellence in leadership, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing numerous allegations of wrongdoing. First for his coverup of nursing home deaths from Covid. His administration lied to the Department of Justice plain and simple. The Trump administration had no right to the actual statistics because it was an election year, and the media agrees. Cuomo was given an Emmy for his daily press

briefings even as he was sending Covid-19 positive patients back to nursing homes to spread the disease. And now, Cuomo’s serial exploitation of women is being exposed. At this writing, seven very credible women have told their stories, and it is not pretty. Cuomo has been using his position of power to sexually assault women for years. Where is the mainstream media outrage? There is none. Where are the speeches from Democrats on the Senate floor? Is Joe Biden sending the DOJ to investigate? Nope. This is treatment is reserved for Republicans, not left-wing heroes.

Now there is a crisis on the border completely caused by Joe Biden’s reckless actions. His first actions as President were to tell the world we are rolling out the red carpet for all illegals. Biden signed executive orders to deliver on his longstanding promises to illegals. He stopped construction on the border wall. Now, to no one’s surprise the illegals are pouring in, many Covid-19 positive. They are not being detained or tested. Many are unaccompanied minors looking for Uncle Joe. Where is the media outrage? There is none. The Biden Administration is blaming President Trump for not having enough welcome centers for this onslaught. The Kay Bailey Hutcheson Convention Center in Dallas has been turned into a “decompression center” for 15–17 year-old unaccompanied males at tremendous expense to the taxpayers. What is a few extra million dollars to the deficit? The media is completely agreeing with this insane logic.

It is so sad. We used to trust the mainstream media to give us facts. To hold both parties accountable for their actions. They do not even pretend anymore to be objective. Now, it is only their left-wing opinion and embracing the Biden administration’s actions. This double standard would be laughable if it were not so serious.


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