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3 Simple Steps To Discover Who God Created You To Be

Would you take 3 simple steps to discover who God created you to be?

Sounds too easy? Maybe. Maybe not. Try taking the steps and see for yourself!

I learned these 3 steps and started trying to practice them years ago when I first read a little book by John Maxwell entitled, Think On These Things. I share them now with you.

Step 1: Discover Your Potential

I love the story of a young farm boy whose father raised chickens in the mountains of Colorado. One day the adventuresome boy climbed a high place in the Rockies and found an eagle’s nest. He took an egg from the eagle’s nest and brought it back to the farm and put it under a setting hen. The hen sat on the egg until it hatched. So, out came a little eaglet along with the chickens as the nest of eggs hatched. They all started living the “chicken life” together. The eaglet thought he was a chicken as he didn’t have a mirror to tell the difference. He was content living the chicken life.

As the eaglet grew however he felt this strange desire to fly and soar. Every once in a while he would think to himself, “There is more to me than being a chicken.” But he never did anything about it until one day he saw an eagle flying over the chicken yard, and the eaglet said “that’s me ... I am like that eagle!”

The eaglet felt the strength in his wings as he stretched them out. He said to himself, “ this little chicken yard is not for me. I was made to fly and soar high up in the blue sky, and I was designed to see the mountain peaks, valleys and rivers.

He had never flown, but the power was there within him so he soared to the top of a hill and then into the blue sky. From there he flew to a high mountain peak. He had finally discovered he could fly and soar as he was created to do!

If you are content to hang out in the small fenced in chicken yard, you will miss out on everything you were created to be. If you are content to hang out with small minded people, you will limit your thinking. If you live with critical people, you will become critical. If you associate with negative and defeated people, you will end up being a negative and defeated person. If you are content with “living with the chickens”, you will end up a chicken.

One of the greatest days of you life will be when you discover you can fly... when you discover your potential. You and your talents are not an accident. You’re not a statistic lost in the shuffle of humanity. You are special in God’s eyes and you have distinct gifts and talents. Inside you is enormous potential. Just waiting to be developed and put to use.

Step 2: Dedicate Your Potential

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” – Leo Buscaglia

Give to God all you have to offer. Dedicate your talents and your giftedness to the Lord and ask him to use you to your full potential. It is only by God’s grace and with God’s help that you can become all you are meant to be.

The Apostle Paul recognized this when he said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” –Paul, Philippians 4:13

Step 3: Develop Your Potential

God is concerned not only about who you are but also what you can become.

In order to develop your potential to it’s fullest capacity, it will be necessary to implement the following things in your daily life:

A. Develop a positive self-image.

Your actions are a direct result of how you see yourself. It is not an accident that as your self-image improves, your performance improves with it. If you believe you have little to offer the world, you will sit and contribute nothing. Practice seeing yourself as God sees you.

B. Realize you are responsible for developing your potential.

Work on developing your potential everyday. Read books and articles advising you and encouraging you to grow your potential. Study under and listen to positive people who can help you grow. Realize that God does not judge you nearly as much by what you are as on what you become.

C. Get acquainted with others who are reaching their potential.

It is not by chance that winners spend time with other winners. It is a well documented fact that after Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, which most people thought could never be done, within 10 years 336 other men had accomplished the same feat. Why? Because they were exposed to someone who exhibited more potential than many felt they had.

What is your capacity? What is your potential?

I challenge you to get on your knees and ask God to help you to be your best and reach your full potential. Then, get up and discover your potential, dedicate your potential and develop your potential.

Now, go out and break a record! ~ Lester Spencer


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