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DC Statehood: time to take a "Mulligan"

US Constitution: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.”

No shortage of ‘bull-feathers’ these past months from politburo members championing modern Democrats like Comrade Trump (‘Donning’ the Red Soviet jersey these past five years) and Comrade Biden to make DC [District of Corruption] a 51st state. Little surprise ‘Moscow on the Potomac’ fails to consult our Constitution for guidance about Washington, DC in our now forced coalition of once sovereign States. No city in modern history displays greater deficiency living up to a namesake, particularly for one like Geo. Washington – most instrumental in winning independence for their geo-political unit(s), curbing mercantilism, abolishing importation of slaves, etc.

Three electoral votes wrongfully given to DC is just as great an abomination as the ‘taxation without representation’ suffered by those allowed to assert residency in the ten mile square proscribed in Art. 1, Sec. 8, Cl. 17 cited above. House members I’ve interacted with (e.g., Brooks, Rogers, Sewell) understandably have no clue what the document they’ve taken an oath to uphold and defend guides them to accomplish; being sycophants for higher positioned politburo members like Comrades Biden and Trump is much more rewarding in this world. In short, no residents at this federal installation/district (nor any other Arsenal, Fort, Dockyard, Magazine, etc.) are allowed/makes sense IF the document is followed. This ten miles (maximum) square was purposefully NOT to be a State, and it was important those employed, living/stationed there had residence in their home State for purposes of having a connection back to the places they are from/represent. Furthermore, I don’t think anyone pays attention to the text of our Constitution guaranteeing a representative Republic when our politburo finds the ability to abuse ‘Democracy’ much easier than the checks and balances of independent sovereignty.

Similar to the unconstitutional 435 HoR limit [1929] impact upon electoral v. popular vote results, the 23rd Amendment [1961] granting DC electors distorts the outcome from the structure our framers designed. Again, the 10-mile square to make DC a federal installation wasn’t supposed to have residents… just as many folks who work and live on other federal installations have voting residencies in their respective/declared States. One of the biggest margins of victory for a presidential candidate in DC was Hillary Clinton’s 93% running up the popular vote difference 248,670 for that separate area; tied to the smallest State electoral allotment [3 votes] since DC also has no reason for Senators. Just like the constitutional abomination of illegally creating West Virginia under the circumstances of War Between the States; little wonder why in this environment there’s discussion of DC’s population getting two Senators instead of proper residency. Sadly, most ‘feel gooders’ about changing the Constitution for the current ‘zeitgeist’ moment fail to understand political change is a fact of life just as the ups and downs of climate changes. Difficult to get ‘Electoral College deniers’ to comprehend DC votes would otherwise be apportioned to their States of residency which may make a difference in recurring razor thin margin states like Florida and Michigan under ‘duopoly party’ rule. The fraud of restrictive ballot access laws, 435 limit driving Electoral College distortions and hyper-gerrymandering, etc. is not what Comrades Biden and Trump want addressed. Productive citizens (dare I type hosts?) don’t care which politburo thief is determined the winner of a fraudulent election.

So what’s the Constitutionally correct answer? Revisit 1847 history toward returning all the wrongfully titled private property in the ten miles square back to the States of Maryland and Virginia to be properly included in each decade’s census to determine population for representative taxation along with House members, electoral votes, etc. The more daunting task is taking a ‘Mulligan’ on executing the 10 miles square and learn from past mistakes. The remaining parts of federal properties can be named Washington, HD – i.e., Historic District. Those who want to conduct transactions, demonstrate, visit, etc. the old White House, Memorials, remaining active federal buildings may continue to do so. No reason areas returned to Maryland and Virginia won’t incorporate as

separate cities with their own proper mayors, police, courthouse, etc. – may I suggest Armistead (Battle of Ft. McHenry hero) for my home State of Maryland? No shortage of great historical Virginia names for the Old Dominion State to consider…

There is no reason for a DC mayor, police force, etc. to deal with demonstrations, real or imagined insurrections, etc. If Sen. Schumer wants to incite demonstrators at the Supreme (or any other federal building) Court it is the responsibility of federal marshals on federal properties. If some Washington, HD places/properties are deemed historic sites, park rangers and administrators would serve that function. Just as our State has moved the Alabama capitol these past centuries, the time is long overdue to move our central government’s capitol. I suggest the name Lincolnton, FD – i.e., Federal District. This would reflect the failure of Washington’s vision of free and independent sovereign geo-political units addressing issues of abortion, drugs, gun laws, hate crimes, mask wearing, slavery, transgender, etc. It further affirms the victory of Mr. Lincoln’s vision of a forced coalition of states Comrades Lenin, et al admired and replicated. I think it important for our posterity to understand what failed and what our command legal-political economy has and will wrought.

I suggest 2040 as the target date – the 250th Anniversary of the ‘Compromise of 1790’ which determined the first placement of our ten miles square federal capitol. Furthermore, it gives about 20 years to adjust, just as giving 20 years for New England shipping interest to phase out importation of slaves in their profit mix to agree to secede from the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union and adopt the US Constitution. Always thought the Potomac placement poor given the population distribution of that era. As I recall the 1790 Compromise was done to proffer favour with Southern States to continue to pay the Revolutionary War debt disproportionately incurred by States North of the Mason-Dixon line. Insulting to think Southerners wouldn’t honour the agreed upon collective debt as long as States held to the letter and Spirit of the document. Southerners already displayed great resolve supporting their sister colonies sending provisions North when the British blockade was most devastating.

In closing, it would not be difficult to find a ten mile square more centrally located to place Lincolnton, FD on a large, inactive military base. Further thought could be put toward high-speed rail access if we can get the ICC and other unconstitutional agencies out of the way. If one really wants to be industrious toward a return to a representative Republic, install the infrastructure for thousands of House Members as we’re designed to have where they may ‘zoom in’ to participate in Congress while actually among the 30,000 or so they represent. An abandoned Air Force Base may be found which would already have the ability to handle Air Force One and the air traffic. Auctioning off land around the ten mile square for food, lodging, etc. would help offset the expense of the capitol move and improvements. If done, I pray for more straight shots, less errors and great wisdom after taking this ‘Mulligan’ – perhaps if we can get our Republic back on course, Lincolnton will not live up the namesake and the Spirit of Washington may prevail.


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