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Elise Stefanik is the Right Choice

Editor’s Note: On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Republicans quickly voted to oust Cheney from her position. Stefanik was voted as her successor the following Friday.

In February I authored a Resolution that was adopted by the Alabama State Republican Executive Committee calling for the removal of Never Trumper Liz Cheney from her position as Chair of the Republican Conference. Unfortunately, she is still in her position of power. With each passing day it is becoming more and more apparent that Liz Cheney does not represent the values of the Republican Party, but the values of the Swamp. She now has Nancy Pelosi singing her praises. As the nation watched, she gave Joe Biden an “atta boy” fist bump while he was on his way to deliver his speech outlining his plan to turn the United States into a socialist nightmare. Cheney is so out of touch with the grassroots of the party that she has stated that President Trump "doesn't have a role in the future of the GOP." She constantly belittles Trump supporters.

“Liz Cheney was put on notice when our conference held a vote to remove her in February," Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, said in a statement. "Her role is to lead House Republican messaging, but she is totally unaligned with the majority of our party. We cannot fight for the America First agenda with her in a leadership position.”

Solid Trump supporting, conservative New York Representative Elise Stefanik is the perfect choice to replace Cheney as Chair of the Republican Conference. She has the support of House Republican Whip Steve Scalise whose office released the following statement “House Republicans need to be solely focused on taking back the House in 2022 and fighting against Speaker Pelosi and President Biden’s radical socialist agenda, and Elise Stefanik is strongly committed to doing that, which is why Whip Scalise has pledged to support her for Conference Chair.” Since she was first elected in 2014, she has worked hard to recruit, support and elect more conservative Republican women to Congress through her fundraising committee known as E-PAC. Representative Stefanik hit the campaign trail hard in 2020. She raised a lot of money for Republicans in the 2020 election cycle. She was instrumental as Republicans won upset elections throughout the country and turning 14 blue seats red.

The House will return next week, and the House Republican Conference will meet. Representative Virginia Foxx of North Carolina is expected to make the formal motion to remove Cheney. The House Republicans must move on from Cheney’s divisive presence in their leadership. Republicans must be united to take back the House in 2022, and Elise Stefanik is the perfect leader for this effort. Cheney must be put on the back bench. The voters of Wyoming will do the rest.


More thoughts from Hooper: Biden Polices are Stopping Recovery

The Labor Department is reporting very disappointing employment numbers while employers, especially small businesses, are begging for workers. How can this dichotomy exist? The answer is simple: The Biden Administration is paying people not to work. They have extended federal supplements to state unemployment benefits despite companies experiencing labor shortages.

Potential employees are staying home because they have removed the economic benefit from working. Bowing to the pressure from teachers’ unions the Biden Administration is also refusing to require schools to reopen despite all the evidence that says schools can reopen safely and school children need to be back in the classroom. These closed schools force many working parents to stay home and not return to work.

Why might you ask is the Biden administration doing this? It fits their narrative for more government spending and control to solve a problem they created. They want to create groups of people dependent on the government rather than have people go back to work and they are succeeding.

It is up to the states to fight back. The Democratic controlled U.S. Congress certainly will not. Led by Montana, South Carolina, Arkansas and Alabama states are doing just that. Montana was first. Governor Greg Gianforte ended his state’s participation in federal COVID-19 unemployment programs and announced the start of a new state program to give people “Return to Work” bonuses instead of extended unemployment benefits. “Montana is open for business again, but I hear from too many employers throughout our state who can’t find workers,” Gianforte said in a press release. “Nearly every sector in our economy faces a labor shortage.”

South Carolina and Arkansas soon followed. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said in a statement: “What was intended to be a short-term financial assistance for the vulnerable and displaced during the height of the pandemic has turned into a dangerous federal entitlement, incentivizing and paying workers to stay at home rather than encouraging them to return to the workplace.”

Seeing that Alabama employers are experiencing the same worker shortages, Kay Ivey has stepped up to the plate. As she stated; “As Alabama’s economy continues its recovery, we are hearing from more and more business owners and employers that it is increasingly difficult to find workers to fill available jobs, even though job openings are abundant,” said Ivey in a written statement. “Among other factors, increased unemployment assistance, which was meant to be a short-term relief program during emergency related shutdowns, is now contributing to a labor shortage that is compromising the continuation of our economic recovery.” All states should follow these policies and refuse incentives from Washington that keep able-bodied potential employees out of the workforce.

I am also confident Under Kay Ivey’s bold and decisive leadership; Alabama will continue to be in the forefront in the fight against federal overreach and the vastly destructive policies of the Biden Administration.


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