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Del Rio: A Short Rambling

Del Rio, Texas. I went to Air Force pilot training there back in 1983. I met my wife there on 8 January, 1984. We have been together ever since. What I see going on there today sickens me. If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that the Biden administration is over their heads and dare, I say, “worthless,” then I have to say, “Open your eyes.” This administration is the most feckless and dangerous this country has ever seen. EVER! Remember the good ole’ days when we would all say that Jimmy Carter was the worst President? Well, after only nine months in office, that torch has been cleanly snatched away by Biden and Harris.

It is hard for me to put all this into words because it is hard for me to explain how I feel about the downfall of this great republic. In nine short months, Biden has taken us to higher gas prices, from energy independence to begging those people in the Middle East to produce more oil, higher unemployment, the ultra-fiasco in Afghanistan (100% his doing no matter what others try to argue) and now to the daily horrors on our southern border.

Biden and Harris, as leaders are worthless. Yeah, I said it. One will rarely answer questions and the other, is a type of hologram who is not there even when she appears to be there. One Fox News host said that Harris has accomplished the impossible. At the same time, she is “both invisible and unpopular. Like flatulence.” She has been put in charge of the southern border but how often do we see her there? That would be never. Her boss hides in the White House, vacations, dodges questions and has no plan for what is happening. His DHS leader Alejandro Mayorkas, as reported yesterday, said he was surprised at the large numbers of migrants at the border. Really? Let me go to any ghetto in the world, set up a beautiful building and hang signs saying, “Free Food,” “Free Education,” “Free Medical,” and “Free Money” and see how many people come running. In the words of the great American philosopher, Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Now, in Del Rio, Texas, we have a problem that is going nowhere fast. Although we have an administration that says the border is under control, it is anything but. According to, “For every 1,000 people the Border Patrol was able to process, another 5,000 entered. In a matter of three short days the number of illegal border crossers went from 4,000 to exactly 14,748 at 3:48 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 18. And even more continued arriving.” It is totally insane and completely unsustainable. We know for a fact that many Haitian immigrants are being ferreted to other parts of the country under the cover of darkness while only a small amount, only for show, have been sent back home.

Where the rubber hits the road is the disparity in thought in our country. There is one idiot side whose members argue that all these people deserve a better life and that we need to let them all invade our country. After all, borders represent some sort of white supremacy and should therefore be ignored. We should let anyone who wants to come to America, come. Those filled with disease, no talents, no skills, no desire to assimilate into American culture but wanting a new life filled with the freebies these political morons want to freely give away.

Then there are the patriots who understand that “a country without borders is not a country”.

It will quickly become a mirror of the countries so many of these people come from. Just take a look under the Del Rio bridge and tell me I’m wrong. Most patriots are fully aware of America’s immigration history. Afterall, it is the patriots who actually read and internalize our history. But there is a difference between immigration and invasion. Legal migration and illegal immigration. Those who choose to ignore this truth, well, I can’t help you. Nor do I want to.

I think the incompetent Biden administration has a lot to do here. A lot. By them sending black Haitians back to Haiti, the optics are appalling. Why are you sending back black people but not others? When asked, they had no answer. In my reality? All illegal immigrants, no

matter where they are from or what color they are, need to be sent back to where they came. For us, that means dropping most of them back into Mexico and let them fend for themselves there. How about these people fighting for their own country and routing the louts who are keeping them impoverished? What a thought. Personal responsibility, accountability and hard work. It is not America’s responsibility to fight for them to the detriment of our own society. Sorry, deal with it.

Under Biden, we have one of, if not the largest surge of illegal immigrants in our history. If anyone thinks this republic of ours can sustain an unrestrained influx of immigrants, they are fools. We cannot. It seems certain members of our government are so intent on staying in power that they are willing to destroy our country as long as they can acquire more voters “by hook or by crook.” It doesn’t matter to them. Many of these illegal immigrants flooding our country, coming from over 75 different countries, do not have our country’s best interests at heart but only theirs. Heck, on the news today, it was reported two Afghan refugees brought over by sleepy Joe were arrested. One for domestic violence and the other for forced sex with a minor while both men were living on an U.S. Army base. This is only the beginning of this sort of crime wave.

There will be much more on this later but I felt I needed to vent just a little. The bottom line as I see it? Our country, our rules! Nobody, especially the socialist-communists within our government have the right to destroy our way of life through forced illegal immigration and in violation of laws already in place, in order to pursue their fascist-socialist-progressive agendas. Where I come from, there was a time we called these people who try to dismantle our constitution and republic as “Enemies of the State.” You know why? Because they are…


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