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Another Edition of "In-Your-Face" News

Our two fearless newscasters sit behind their desk as the intro music ends. . .

Jerome: “Welcome to WIYF News. Tonight, we have two breaking, and I must admit, heartbreaking stories to bring to you. First, last month we brought you the story about President Biden’s pick for the Treasury Department’s comptroller of the currency, Saule Omarova.”

Cindy: “Today, the Senate has begun its confirmation hearings for the hard charging Marxist. Hopefully, she will have a rough go of it and at the end, she will be tossed out on her backside.”

Jerome: “There can be no doubt that she is a smart lady, but arrogantly allowed herself to be caught on film saying that the oil and gas industries were ‘troubled industries’ in which ‘a lot of the small players . . . are going to probably go bankrupt.’ Then she followed up with her true self by saying, ‘At least, we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right?’”(1)

Cindy: “Get this. Back in February during a so-called ‘Social Wealth Seminar,’ Omarova opened her mouth, inserted her foot and backed up her previous controversial statement by saying, ‘the way we basically get rid of those carbon financiers is we starve them of their sources of capital.’ Yet at the same time she claims, ‘I am not a communist.’”

Sipping a glass of water, when hearing this statement, a torrent of water shoots out of Jerome’s nose and mouth.

Jerome: “Okay, but what about a Marxist, socialist perhaps? But at least she has finally complied with demands and turned over her Master’s Thesis on Marxism for the panel to review. NOT!! Still in defiance, as of this news broadcast, Omarova has still steadfastly refused to turn over her thesis for review. What do you think she may be hiding? After all she promises she is no longer a communist. Come on, she really didn’t say that did she?”

Cindy: “Yup. When pinned down on her own words, she claims they were simply ‘poorly phrased’ and misunderstood. I believe Senator Tom Cotton had it right when he said, ‘This unhinged socialist wants millions of Americans who work in the energy industry to go bankrupt. And Joe Biden picked her as his top banking nominee.’”(2)

Jerome: “In his opening statement in the hearing for Professor Saule Omarova to be Comptroller of the Currency, Senator Sherrod Brown, true to the leftist playbook said, ‘They [Republicans] have a formula – start with a passing and inaccurate reference to her academic work. Distort the substance beyond recognition. Mix in words like “Marx,” and “Lenin,” and “communism.” End with insinuations about Professor Omarova’s loyalties to her chosen country. That’s how Republicans turn a qualified woman into a Marxist boogeyman.’”

Cindy: “Doesn’t he mean ‘boogeywoman?’”(3)

Jerome: Laughing. “Of course, it has nothing to do with her background or her own words. Of course, these are the same people who every time you disagree with them, you are termed a racist and if you disagree with a person of color, like the four women of the squad, you are of course a misogynistic racist.

Cindy: “Before we move on, I have to shake my head and ask how in the heck do these people not see the issue with her nomination? I am sorry, but there is a little, okay a lot, of mental instability going on here. I never thought I would see this day where close to half of the American senators would vote for someone like her to run anything other than a Popeye’s Chicken stand inside of Washington, D.C. I shake my head. Let’s see how this pans out.”

Jerome: “Now here is a story that is going to piss you people off. In Andrea Merkel’s Germany, there was a 15-year-old girl who was raped by nearly a dozen ‘migration-background’ men over the period of several hours.(4) This rape occurred in Hamburg September of last year.”

Cindy: “Perhaps most disturbing is, besides the obvious grotesqueness of the event with these nasty troglodytes, is that the German authorities are still deciding whether to bring charges against these cretins. Still deciding? What the . . .

Jerome: Interrupting. “Careful, Cindy. There are children watching.”

Cindy: “These mutant bastards, ranging in ages 16 to 23, not only filmed their atrocity (police say they do not have the film), of course they don’t, but are walking the streets today. This article also reported that the Germans are witnessing two gang rapes per day with these bastards preying on young German girls. And most likely boys too. This is how many of them roll.”

Jerome: “Sickening. Recently, similar reports have surfaced from both Belgium(5) and Spain(6) where these monsters attack women who don’t cover their heads or just seem like easy targets. Europe is overrun with this kind of behavior. I do not understand. It was reported that 95% of all street rapes in Norway are by Islamic and African immigrants.(7) Sweden too.(8) So when does this stop?

“When I was stationed in Germany back in the late 80s and early 90s, I would talk to Germans in my squadron and I would tell them that as bad as the Holocaust was, and it was, in today’s world, they could not let that shame and disgust prevent them from doing what is right in their country today. I fear that is what we are seeing. German government paralysis by not wanting to be labeled Nazis, they are allowing these people to do whatever they want. Hell, they won’t even call them immigrants but ‘migration-background’ men.(9)

“What does that even mean? That is similar to that wacko college professor at Old Dominion University in Virginia, Allyn Walker, who argues that pedophiles should not be called what they are but rather by the term ‘minor attracted.’ Walker, author of the book titled, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity, further argued that it is not immoral for adults to have sexual attraction to little children.(10) It is as if the term alone is what determines what these people are. Illegal immigrants are guess what? Illegal immigrants. A pedophile is guess what? A pedophile. A murderer is a murderer. Not a life terminating alternative actor.”

Cindy: “What the heck? As for these ‘migration-background’ guys, I hear what you are saying, Jerome. What I fear is going to happen is when the Germans get fed up with this crap, and yes, they will get fed up, the snapback is going to be something monumental. I cannot for the life of me understand how a government can allow the wholesale rape of hundreds of its citizens to occur annually and then not do anything to stop it for fear of being labeled a Nazi. Being the descendant of 1940s Germans, does not make you a Nazi by default. It is like looking at a young Japanese girl and blaming her for Pearl Harbor.”

Jerome: “It is sort of like so many people here in this country that instead of standing up for what they believe, all someone has to do is throw out the “racist” word and people run in fear. Instead, they need to turn the tables and fight for what is truth. Just because someone disagrees with you, it doesn’t make you a racist. In my case, I have been called an Uncle Tom so many times, I cannot count them all. But that is okay. I realize the average person who uses that kind of language has an IQ of less than their shoe size and it doesn’t bother me in the least. But I tell you what, Andrea Merkel needs to get her act together over there. The German men are not going to take this much longer. If the government won’t act, they sure as hell will. Guess who I will support in this equation?”

Cindy: “Well, as usual, we have run out of time. Until next we meet. Cheers.”

Jerome: “And always remember, in the words of the great American philosopher Mike Tyson, the reason people act the way they do is because they were not punched in the face enough growing up. I’m out!”













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