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Democrats at Center of Trump's Russian Collusion Hoax

U.S. politicians and partisan political propaganda outlets (generally referred to as the news media) have spent more than five years knowingly propagating false and malicious information relating to the Trump administration’s involvement with Russia. The have falsely accused former President Trump of colluding with the Soviet government to undermine the U.S. political and economic structure.

After untold number of Congressional hearings, bogus indictments, midnight arrests and slanderous statements leading to two political impeachments of a duly elected president, the Independent Counsel has finally revealed that the foundation of the now debunked Russian Collusion originated from Democrats in the Hillary Clinton cabal with the media gleefully if not conspiratorially publishing out and out lies.

Last month, Inspector General John Durham pulled away the corrupt political curtain with the indictment of Igor Danchenko showing from the beginning to end, the Hillary Clinton campaign was up to its eyeballs in dirty tricks by accusing Trump of Russian collusion starting in 2016 with a willing and complicit media carrying the message to the public.

The indictment alleges Clinton associate Charles Dolan of working with Igor to generate salacious and derogatory lies against Trump. Further, Durham’s report clearly shows that the FBI was not duped by the acquired Golden Showers dossier, but instead knew as early as 2017 that it was Clinton operatives who created the document, which led to its “investigation.” The FBI willfully withheld this obvious scam from Congress and fed the coconspirator media information to leak to an unsuspecting public.

Instead of Trump colluding with the Russians, the Democrats were guilty, as is often the case, of doing the very thing they accuse the opposition of doing. Clinton’s campaign paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to use Christopher Steele, a Fusion employee and British spy who published the dossier, as the go between with Igor and retained him as a contractor. The indictment also alleges Igor used a Clinton supporter as a sub source for the dossier allegations against Trump.

All the malicious and false allegations leveled in the dossier, unravel once exposed to the light of day. Even so, Democrats and some RHINO Republicans stand by their actions. As recently as November 9, Senator Adam Schiff was unapologetic for pursuing the investigation and bringing impeachment charges against Trump. On outlets like NBC’s “Meet the Press” and “The View,” Schiff continued to state that Trump colluded even in the face of undeniable facts. “I don’t regret saying we should investigate claims of someone who (worked for Hillary’s campaign) frankly was a well respected British intelligence officer, and we couldn’t have known, of course, years ago, that we would learn years later that someone who is a primary source lied to him.”

The complete 39-page official indictment can be reviewed at:


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