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Biden Makes History

Biden made history in his first year in office for all the wrong reasons. He has the worst approval rating in the history of modern polling for a President’s first year. When he first took office, he had high approval ratings and the Congress was controlled by his own Democratic party. It has been all downhill since. His presidency and definitely the country would be better off if after his inauguration had he just gone back to Delaware and slept for a year in his basement bunker where he ran his campaign. He has alienated all Republicans, the majority of independents, and even hard core Democrats are telling pollsters that they do not want him to run again. His actions from day one destroyed our energy independence that we had finally achieved under the policies of President Trump. This led to soaring gas prices at the pump and skyrocketing natural gas that heats our homes during the dark days of winter. We became the laughingstock of the world with his bumbling withdrawal from Afghanistan. This fiasco emboldened our sworn enemies from real superpowers China and Russia to wannabees Iran and North Korea. They are rattling their sabers daily and It’s only a matter of when not if armed conflict will breakout.

As candidate Biden he ran as the great uniter of all Americans. As President, however, he has done everything in his power to divide us. He has called Republicans every name in the book. He has made Hillary’s “deplorables” remark look like a compliment. He supported legislation and implemented policies designed to separate us by race and class. Don’t even get me started on the disaster that is his insane Covid policies. They are devastating small businesses left and right. He tolerates school children eating lunch outside in sub-freezing temperatures sitting on buckets not allowed to talk to one another. He masked 4-year-olds who may never recover psychologically.

As President Obama stated, “Elections have consequences” We must now prepare for an even worse second year of his presidency. The presidential press conference he held to mark his first year in office was just as disastrous and absurd as everything else about the Biden regime. Biden actually made the outlandish statement that he has "outperformed" expectations. Tough to know whether this comes more from delusions of grandeur or outright senility stated political commentator Buck Sexton. It is almost out of the realm of possibility that his failures do not register with this guy. Biden whispered the economy is great, it's just that silly Americans don't realize it. In his press conference he even gave what many felt was a wink and a nod to a "limited incursion" of Russia into Ukraine that the White House had to immediately walk back.

America is worried about crime in the streets, inflation, the broken supply chain, and the crisis at the southern border. Tone deaf Joe can only talk about federalizing elections and his build back broke bill as President Trump’s former top Economic likes to call his socialist dream “build back better bill.” I like to call it build bigger bureaucracies to control every phase of lives.

In November we have our one and only chance to stop this sprint to socialism. Republican must take back the House and Senate or all could be lost.


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